Steinberg plugins list. I can't find them

Does anyone have a table or list with all steinberg cubase 10 PRO plugins. I can’t find all of them manually because the titles like revelation or smth like this are not so predictable

This might help you to find them

that’s not exactly what i’m looking for. I’m interested in all native steinberg vst plugins to understand it’s functions. I have Waves complete so it;s really difficult to find steinberg’s ones

Create a new collection in the Plugin Manager screen.

You can either drag all the Steinberg plugins into this new collection, or just add all of your plugins and group by vendor.
That way each manufacturer will be a root node, and when expanded will display all of their plugins.

There is a separate manual that lists and describes all the Steinberg plug-ins.

Also in the Plug-in Manager you can sort by the vendor (or is it manufacturer) column so all the Steinberg plugs would be together,