Steinberg plugins show only generic gui!

This is a new and weird problem…i have nuendo and cubase both installed on the same machine…in cubase steinberg plugins(eg supervision) just open with the generic gui(the one with the sliders). this dows not happen in nuendo. im thinking i may have accidentally disabled the gui but i cant find that option anywhere…any ideas?

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^^ It’s there, unless there’s a global setting which you’ve hit somewhere(?)

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thanks for the quick reply! well the strange thing is that there is no switch to plugin editor for some reason! for any of the plugins i just checked. i have no idea which global setting that would be i have not done this on purpose!

That’s odd, never had that happen. Just done some searching for you and found this:-

Maybe a help?

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i must have missed this thread…i havent done any file moving recently and i checked all the vst3 folders and it seems i only have them in the original steinberg directory…so that solution doesnt work for me…any other ideas?

I presume Nuendo & Cubase are both version 11?

It could be a graphics issue, I’ve suffered from it once with Arturia plugins, but that wasn’t the same as what you’re seeing here as you could view the GUI but it would be blank or cut-off, it’s the lack of menu item to switch it back on that should be the biggest clue to the solution.

It may be worth checking your plugin manager within Cubase and just checking what’s listed for supervision, mine for reference:-

And also double check that you have no additional Plug-in paths that point to the Nuendo install in there. Check blocklist for duplicates also - anything Steinberg related would be suspicious.

Hopefully someone with some better knowledge will reply, as anything else would be guess work from me - sorry! :frowning:

Thanx for the replies! cant seem to find anything related tho i checked the folders and i cant find any duplicates…however this must have something to do with nuendo i think…although nuendo has its own pluginset vst3

Hi Guys,
has anyone been able to resolve this issue. Been having the same problem even tried a reinstall of the Cubase 11 update but to no avail. I dont have Nuendo either just Cubase Pro

Hey ottomo,
sorry to hear of your issue and I too am in the same boat so that makes two of us.
Just wondering if you were able to resolve this. I dont have Nuendo so its been really frustrating trying to figure this out.
Please let me know, much appreciate any advice

Is your issue Supervision too?
Do you have any other Steinberg products installed such as Dorico 4?

I’ve read instances whereby the Dorico install can update plugins to be a version ahead of C11, I saw something in relation to a HALion Sonic SE issue that someone had on here in the past few days - and although that was license related, it shows there’s a possibility of Cubase being affected by newer products.

Im still in the same spot…havent had any luck resolving this issue…just to clarify problem is with all steinberg plugins not just supervision…

Repairing Cubase from Windows Control Panel worked for someone I know with the same issue