Steinberg Product Activation FAQ

Hi all,
Depending on the program version available, there are different methods on how to register, activate and maybe even download it in the first place.
Please read the knowledge base article that provides an overview on the different code types like activation codes and download access codes, the registration process and eLicensers. It also features a video link that explains the processes in detail.


Greetings. I created my Steinberg account and entered my download access code in order to download the CubaseLE software that came with my Zoom H2N recorder. I’ve not received my email with download instructions for over 3 hours. I’ve confirmed my email is fully functional and sendin/receiving emails.

I also have a version of WaveLabLe availble to me from Zoom. It also required activation, so I used a different email address and haven’t recevied a download link.

I’d like to download and start using the software.

Please advise

I have activated Cubase LE4 in January 2014. Than I never used it. Now I want to use it again. I forgot what email I used for activation. I created a new account. Now I have a new licenser and old account with activated product, I have finally found what account I used to activate Cubase LE4.

How to go around to use the license?
How to transfer the license?
How to delete new account and re-use the licenser in the old account?


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Hi and thanks for all the provided support here. I’ll try to explain my problem as succinctly as possible…

Cubase AI LE 7 came bundled with my UR44. I used it a little and all was well but I didn’t learn it inside out by any means.

After a recent PC crash, I had trouble registering after reinstall but got it done eventually although it seems I may now have multiple eLicensers installed. Once it was installed, I was greeted with a promo for 60% off an upgrade to Cubase 8 and I jumped at it.

Once I downloaded and installed it, I uninstalled Cubase 7 thinking that having 2 versions installed would cause problems. Sadly, I think this made matters worse as registering Cubase 8 went badly right away as I got an error message saying there was no pre-existing valid license to upgrade. I ended up reinstalling and re-registering Cubase 7 and then registering Cubase 8 and all went well except now I’m having problems with Cubase 8 that I suspect may be related to my goofed up install/registration process (see thread here: )

Anyways, my hope is that a full uninstall of all drivers, utilities and existing versions followed by a clean install of drivers, utilities and Cubase 8 plus registration will resolve the issue.

My question is, DO i need to have Cubase 7 installed and registered in order to effectively apply the file I downloaded (Cubae_Elements_8_installer_win) or was that just faulty logic on my part?

Thanks in advance

Update… It did not resolve it.

Fresh install of drivers, tools and Cubase Elements AI LE 7 and I still have the same issue.

I have upgrade windows 7 to windows 10. I have a Cubase Le 8 which I got from purchasing focusrite studio. I already activated Cubase le 8 on windows 7 using elicenser but after I upgraded to windows 10 my all apps were uninstalled. so I have to install Cubase le 8 again. after installation when I try to activate again it says "the activation code has already been used. the activation code can be used only once to upgrade or download the license. please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code" . I got the activation code registering my focusrite hardware. what should I do?

Log in to your MySteinberg account and you will find a place to enter your eLicenser number and generate a new code

After a month of running the Cubase LE/AI/Elements 8 64-bit trial, and one week or so with no Cubase what so ever, I installed the Cubase 32-bit version which didn’t comply at all with my earlier 64 bit projects. So I uninstalled it and reinstalled the 64-bit version.

Anyway, activation was unsucessful since the code was allready used. A dialogue opened telling me "The activation code has already been used. The activation code can only be used once to upgrade or download the license. Please contact your software vendor to get a valid activation code."

I tried reactivating, but since I only have that one eLicenser number, it didn’t work that well.
What should I do?

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Hello! I am new to the forum. I opened the box to my UR22 and was super excited to download CUBASE AI I followed the instructions and entered the download access code and received an error to say that this code is already in use! I only opened the box today! What gives? I am guessing this code has been illegally used. Now I have to wait for support to get back to me which could take a while. Not the best impression for a new user… feeling dissapointed :cry:

Hello :slight_smile: I have a question… I bought a Digitech RP500 pedalboard, and it includes the cubase LE5, I installed it but I had a problem with the registation. I used the code that the elicenser gave to me, And I followed the instructions, but when I open the CubaseLE5 it says that I have to register it, and I checked on mysteinberg and, in the part of “elicensers” says “No products found on this eLicenser.” so, what can I do to register the software? Sorry for my english, I’m mexican. thanks for your atention.

Hallo, I’m having a big problem and I would appreciate your help.

I had to reinstall windows 10 and since I have reinstalled elicenser, I can’t reistall my registered version of cubase le 8 :cry:

Everything was going well until I had to reinstall. Now when I tried to enter the activation code in elicenser it fails and I get the message “currently, there is no elicenser connected to your computer which you can download your license to…”

I have tried to reactive in Cubase but it asks for an elicenser code which elicenser doesn’t have??

Going round in circles - FAQ says I should be able to download my version of cubase from myproducts>downloads - there is no download link?

Could somebody please help, would be much appreciated.

Why did it work last week when I purchased my new laptop but won’t work on the exact same laptop after a reinstall?
very frustrating :unamused:

Does someone have an idea how to fix the problem with eLicenser internet connection issue.
Have tried everything with firewalls, proxy and Lan card settings , and yet the connection issue still persist.
Sadly my Equipment came without USB dongle witch makes I-net activation the only choice I have atm.
If someone knows other way to activate the product please help.
Thank you in advance.

Best Regards

Hello, I buy the cubase element 8 download version. I follow the installation instruction but I can activate my elincenser key. It say that I need the permission from the builder to activate my elincenser. My activate code from my bill don’t work. Can you help me?

On Sunday I purchased the UR242 Audio Interface which came with Cubase AI. I have downloaded and installed my software, entered my UR 242 serial number, the registration number and the licence number. When I open the software it says I don’t have a licence. So when I input the number and try again it says that serial number has been used. So I am stuck with something I bought on Sunday that I cant use HELP

I have brought Steinberg product UR 12 Sound Card wit which I got Cubase AI product key by which I tried to download the version through the on net instruction & the download started. But it stopped after sometimes and am unable to restart the download.
Please give me suggestion so that I could use it.

Hi I’m also experiencing the internet connection error when activation Cubase AI 8:

A connection to the license server could not be established, because the license server is currently not available (e.g. due to maintenance work).

Please try again later, or contact your software vendor’s support department in case the problem persists.

Is there anything I can do? I have the latest software updates and even the eLicenser Control Center version.

Any help would be appreciated. I cannot find a direct contact email for Steinberg Support. I got this with the purchase of a YAMAHA THR10X amplifier.


Sorry for this! The license server was indeed temporarily not available. This has been fixed now and we are back to normal operation. It should be possible to activate the licenses now.

Is Steinberg having connectivity/server problems again? I Cannot register my eLicenser nor my Cubase AI 8 since yesterday…
The Registration page hangs after I inserted my eLicenser code.
The eLicenser refuses to accept my Cubase activation code.
I raised the problem with the technical support but I had no answer.

Any advice is welcome.

I recently purchased a UR22. When I tried to download the Cubase AI, the site tells me that my serial number is not valid.
I’m typing it right off the bottom of the unit. Please help! I’m trying to get this going before Christmas…
Ok Ok, I just want to play with it before I give it to my daughter…


Kal-El, you have an unused activation code in your MySteinberg account. That’s basically all you need to download the license and use Cubase AI 9.