Steinberg provide 3rd party VST distribution, no more 10 different installers on my computer?

Bug/Stability Reporting
Content/Samples Delivery

This offers users:

  • One login to get all their stuff downloaded/licensed
  • It allows Steinberg and 3rd party developers to simultaneously track problems and find fault, communicate with each other.
  • No more downloading 100 exes and license files, 10 different login applications.

It’s ridiculous guys in 2024, it’s not a modern way of doing things. You own VST format, you have a licensing system, you have Yamaha resources and server knowledge… Give us Cubase/Nuendo users the ADVANTAGE of being Steinberg customers/users - make life easier for us!


Did you really think about it?

Did you really think about your post being comprehendible before posting it?