Steinberg report the loss of the VST Bridge - what loss?

Reading that the VST Bridge is being abandoned in future updates is moderately amusing to me considering it has practically never worked my end - it has usually collapsed within moments!

Of course like many I’ve been using jBridge for years for one reason only, unlike VST Bridge it just works.

VST Bridge is no loss to me - in fact (without meaning to be rude) good riddance to it for t has always been a waste of space as far as I am concerned.

Harsh but fair?


I am interested in what experiences others have had with VST Bridge. What plugins were you running when if and when it fell down for you? I have had issue with N.I. Pro53 (3.05) which is sadly no longer supported (a crying shame)

It’s good to hear that they aren’t wasting time and money working on it.

I am trying to ween my 3 year old daughter off her ‘binky’. I hope I am presenting a good example by not using 32 bit plugs and a bridge…

Big smile! :slight_smile:


Isn’t C9 going to be 64 bit only?

It should IMO


I find this sad news, that Steinberg had difficulty with supporting their own technology. Bad news for all small VST developers I guess, as I’ve heard it’s far simpler to develop 32 bit plugins than 64 bit ones.

Sad news? Do you wish to purchase 32 bit products because it is easier for the programmers? I personally have found the only plugs worth a ‘insert slang’ are not free and would expect them to be written correctly in modern format.

Unless a user is looking for free ‘cracked’ versions of plugs, there is not much out there that isn’t 64-bit. Just sayin…

Sad news? really. No good news.

“there is not much out there that isn’t 64-bit”

Steinberg’s own Virtual Guitar 2?
Never Cracked, still dongle protected, still 32 bit, still works fine via the Vst bridge

Just saying!!!


That was released 10 years ago you can be sure that there are plenty of alternatives.

There are one or two but none have bettered it IMHO

I tend to agree VG2 never bettered.
You know I`ve been Cubase since the 3.5 but at the moment I can not see any possible feature that would make it worthwhile FOR ME to continue to upgrade past 8.5 after these 20+ years of staying current.


there is a vst bridge called jbridge that has a demo you can try out its usually what I hear people using to put 32 bit in 64bit host