Steinberg Reverb needed

Hello everybody,
I’m working on remixing with the latest 5 LP tools of material made with 32-bit versions. I absolutely need to be able to use Steinberg Reverb A files with the solid C11 (64bit). I have numerous rhythm parts that need that reverb. I humbly and politely ask that Steinberg coder friends can make these reverbs available for use at least with JBridge.
Currently for some inexplicable reason it is not possible.
Thank you for your attention and have a good day

That used to be my favourite reverb for percussions. When I really need to get the sound back in 64bit version, I take impulse response on the old 32bit project then use the impulse in ir reverbs. The reverb algorithm seems to have no LFO, so the replication with ir is quite close to the original.