Steinberg Rewire replacement?

Is there any word on Steinberg developing a Rewire replacement? I’m sure I saw a comment on here sometime ago from one of the team members about “developing our own” protocol that would enable DAWs and Notation programs to play back in sync, but I haven’t heard anything else about it.

I know about the TXL Timecode plug-in option, but personally I’ve found it difficult to implement after numerous attempts!

Anyway, the point of this post isn’t to ask for alternatives, but just to see if there’s any word or updates on a new development that “just works”.


They are aware and likely working on it, but they will not announce anything until they are ready to release it.

We are not currently working on anything in this area, I’m afraid. We do plan to add support for e.g. MTC sync, which would provide transport sync between Dorico and a MTC clock source, but this requires changes both to Dorico itself and its audio engine, and we’re not actively working on this at the moment.

Hi Daniel, thanks for taking the time to reply, even if it’s not the reply I was hoping for!

Are you speaking only for the Dorico team, rather than Steinberg as a whole…?

I don’t know everything that everyone across the entire company is working on at any given point, so yes, I’m only speaking for the Dorico team.

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I know there are Dorico readers of this forum that are using TXL Timecode, including myself. Is there any assistance that you need with its setup or use that would help you overcome the difficulties you mentioned? You may not want to pursue it further or it may not be right for you, but if you do have questions, fire away. I just ask that you summarize your OS, current setup and what challenges you’ve experienced. I use it with macOS and its native MIDI Studio, but I know users on Windows OS have found ways to create a virtual MIDI device for TXL Timecode.