Steinberg Sales

I wanted to purchase the upgrade for Halion 3, which a few years back I paid good money for.
I went to the and it says that to upgrade to Halion 6 from Halion 3 and earlier, to please contact Steinberg sales.

I contacted Steinberg sales and get a reply email a few days later saying to go on line to purchase the latest upgrade to Halion 6.
I don’t think they even properly read the email.
I go back on line, and it says to upgrade from Halion 3 to Halion 6 to contact sales at Steinberg.

Sending in circles and waiting my time.

I’ll keep my money and Halion 3, and Steinberg can keep their Halion 6 because I don’t have time for this crap.

Sometimes you have to bite where it hurts- their wallet.

I did order H6 Competetive Crossgrade plus padshop Pro both 50 pct reduced on the sale

Before checkout was finished the procces was highjacked with the need to send eglible proof for the crossgrade ;… I did

Any details and trace of my order disappear since finishing the order was pending it seems ,… so no proofs I ordered in due time for the offer :open_mouth:

Next day a mail confirming that I was eglible for the upgrade

I was told to log in with a special password send in a different mail ,… BUT I NEVER RECIEVED THIS PASSWORD

Then navigating through the system to find out if something miss-understood

Finally figuring out the somhow shady way to reach support

Been waiting since yestourday

Feeling a bit tired, even before I get the program,…

Taking a look around the forum while I wait, and I wonder, where is all the users ?

Maybe they don’t realy whant new users ?

Steinberg moderator is deleting my post about being unable to do an Halion upgrade.


This one:


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Yes, thank you.

I just find it odd that I want to upgrade, but Steinberg sales do not care to sell it to me.

Same here, I did try “support” also, but obviously they did not want to solve my problem, and their “answer” reveals that they didnt even read carefully what I actually wrote, also it seems they find it ok that every step in the conversation should delay the procces for about two days more every time.

Its been 5-6 days now, soon a week, since I left my order for H6 compettitive crossgrade and Padshop Pro, with documentation by foto, just as described,…

Not a single trace of my original order during the sales was left in their system as I was wiped out the ongoing order-procces and redirected to the eglibility window

Then the procces was ended, and I could do nothing until I reciewed a mail with diverse contradicting info, f.eks. there was a reference to another mail with a specifik password that I never recieved

Seems up the hill all the time, just to get what I did try to order, and then further more to get in contact with them and solve things becomes a PITA

Yes, guess its a sign, to back of, they dont really care

Yes, the same exact copy and paste answers happened to me, and obviously they do not read what the problem is.

Does their supervisor ever read this and do anything?

These are sales you do not want or care about, right Steinberg?

Its very simple Steinberg sales Manager:
Some of us want to PURCHASE your latest Halion, and we have version 3.
Your web site says, " to upgrade from Halion 3 or earlier to contact Steinberg Sales"

We are contacting Steinberg Sales to purchase the upgrade, following the EXACT instructions of the website, and receive a “copy and paste” reply email saying to “go on Line”.

We go "on line’ and it says to contact Steinberg sales for this particular version- version 3 or earlier.

You are unnecessarily and mindlessly sending your customers on a crash loop.

So any Steinberg sales employee, specifically the sales Manager reading this, should do something.
Have the courtesy.
Treat your customers well.