steinberg sample library management

how can i move steinberg’s sample/instrument libraries to other Location(other HD/Partition) so cubase and steinberg instrument wont ask me all the time where they are?
i have the Halion library manger i did move some H6 libraries to new location with it.
but other older libraries are not movable with it(the option is grayed out)for example H4 content,HSO,dark planet,and also Groove agent content and its expansions.


Use the Steinberg Library Manager application, please.

Where is this application found Martin I’d never heard of it.



Thanks. The windows link is dead for some reason


The link works to me here.

Clicking download on the windows link for me gives me a white webpage with following text at the top:
An error occurred while processing your request.
Reference #132.6e330760.1555013446.79345011

Have clicked it on my windows studio machine earlier and just now on iPhone . Don’t know what’s going on there

as i wrote in the OP, i have "Halion library manger"software
didn’t realize there is steinberg library manger,
but anyway when try to download it from the site it says “An error occurred while processing your request.”
ill try tomorrow , hope it will help.

just installed the latest halion 6 update,and the halion manger library was replaced by steinberg library manager,which also manages Groove agent content.
also the new steinberg library manger now shows the “move” button for older halion libraries and expansions.

thanks again ))

Windows link alive again this morning