Steinberg Score Application

Latest development update from the London R&D team working on Steinberg’s in-development scoring application.


So excited for this!

Do you happen to know if this will be integrated into cubase/nuendo or if it will always operate in stand-alone?


I have no idea, but if it ends up to be a standalone application, then it would make sense that the interaction with Cubase/Nuendo will be completely transparant. Wouldn’t make sense it it wasn’t no? :slight_smile:


Yeah, cool.
I assume the same :wink:

Here’s hoping :slight_smile:

IMHO, correct, would not make any sense, at all, if it was not integrated with Cubase.

Great developments!

Great hopes for this. Watching with interest. :ugeek:

I am already using bravura, the font Daniel Spreadbury and team designed for this prog as I have staffpad running on a windows tablet (which uses that font). Very easy, clear and intuitive to work with which bodes well for this. To have transparent integration with Nuendo willl be the culmination of a decade long dream for me, or however long I have been using Nuendo (since N1/N2 I think). Glad to see the support that Steinberg are giving them.


Daniel has stated on more than a few occasions that the initial release will be as a standalone, independent product. Integration/interaction between the new app and Cubendo will come later in a future release. I also read into this, that there will be no additions/updates/changes to existing score facilities inside Cubendo, upon release of the new app. Again, something for later editions…

There is no doubt about this much - read back through the blogs Q & A’s for confirmation.

Honestly without integration there will be no interest for me to buy this new soft.


I doubt that without integration it will interest anybody.

Nonsense. I’m interested, and I can assure you that I’m somebody…! :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, there is every reason to suppose that it will be of interest to many people. The competitors are Finale and Sibelius. For most commercial usage, Finale is years behind, and Sibelius is not getting much in the way of development these days. The new score program will be a completely new generation of program and will be able to deliver things that neither of the competitors can, particularly as there is no old code to deal with.

For me it will be a no brainer. I have been using Sibelius since 1994, and can see what needs to be improved, and where the current limitations are, but Avid really doesn’t get it. I know that Daniel, and the new/old team does, so have very high hopes for this program.


That sounds like it has been written by a somebody! :slight_smile:

I repeat three times that I should stop believing that just because I think someting is correct it is the truth and that probably goes for life and music software alike…I repeat three times that I should stop believing that just because I think someting is correct it is the truth and that probably goes for life and music software alike…I repeat three times that I should stop believing that just because I think someting is correct it is the truth and that probably goes for life and music software alike…

Thanks for reminding me :blush:

HAHA. Well I think that’s a fact of the way our profession works. Lots of small underground sub-cultures, all of whom believe that their way of working is the only way. For myself there are many aspects of sequencers and notation programs that I never use, so somehow assume that nobody else does either. :wink:


I know quite a few composers working in film and games that stick with Logic because its score editor is fairly decent.
Nothing like Sibelius, but for some of them the integration and functionality is such that they can churn out a quick playable score sheet without ever having to leave Logic.

I know they would probably switch to Cubase/Nuendo in a heartbeat if it was a good alternative. It already is sequencer/Daw wise; it walks all over Logic for 99% of the features, but that Score editor is what keeps them.

Integration with SB’s upcoming score editor would kill that, and I can’t help but think that if it works as well as suggested you might get some major Score preparation facilities in LA and London switching over in a heartbeat.

I for one can’t wait; thought it might be a bit of time before we get actual integration, it would make SB’s Daws some of the most powerful around.

I use the Score editor quite a bit. I find it to be pretty capable, though with a learning curve, and some quirky workflows. But it is much more capable than the notation editor in Logic. Also, the score editor provides access to the midi inspector inside itself.

I wonder whether the folks who stick with other apps for this one reason have actually spent any time learning how the editor works.

I have been using Sibelius for a number of years after being frustrated with Nuendo’s scoring features. If Steinberg’s new notation app allows stylus input from the soon-to-be-released iPad Pro, I will be very happy indeed!

I’m a long-time Finale user… in fact I taught an intensive Finale course at university for years, and been hired to do presentations at professional groups… Once I heard the news of Spreadbury and Steinberg, I stopped upgrading Finale and have been patiently waiting on this release.

This product is meant to engage a different market first; the professional engraver/copyist/orchestrator. Working to create fine printed notation is a craft that is completely separate from “music production” and DAW. If they nail this market first, then the potential for quality notation integrated into Cubendo is much greater.

It might take a few years, but I have high hopes… this is going to be a game changer for many different types of music workers. It’s going to take time though.

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