steinberg script files S90XS

I have followed every instruction available to add the patch/bank data for my Yamaha S90 XS in cubase. Although I could never find the actual cubase script file for the S 90 XS, A friend used cherrypicker and converted his protools .midname file to a cubase script file for me. It is now a .txt file but I’m running into the same problem as some others in these forums. I can put this file in the patchnames folder, the inactive folder, or whatever but the S90 XS does not show up in the “add MIDI device” window. When I try to import a setup, I am required to have a Steinberg .xml file. What am I doing wrong or not doing?

You have your answer right there. Try searching the web for existing xml files for Cubase, who knows?

I’ve tried that. I’m pretty sure that Yamaha won’t be coming out with a patchscript file for cubase since Yamaha has the editor. After installing the editor and using it with cubase AI 4.5.2, I had a big problem. The next time I opened cubase, it continuously would hang on the opening splash screen at “initializing: MIDI devices” and I believe it was a conflict of some sort between cubase and the Yamaha editor. I uninstalled cubase 4.5.2 and installed AI 5 (It came with the S90xs) and have been apprehensive about using the editor since it took hours of troubleshooting Cubase 4.5.2 before I uninstalled it. Anyway, i can’t find the .xml patchscript and am nervous about the editor confusing cubase (just my assumption) to a point where it won’t open.

Ok I think I have it. Unfortunately, my roommate used the S90XS for a gig last night and I haven’t actually signed off on the playback from the keyboard being right.

Here’s what I discovered…
Yamaha apparently designed the S90XS to be used as a VSTi with a DAW. So if you have a MIDI file that already exists, You need to set up a VSTi track (selecting the “S90XS external” as the VST instrument) in the MIDI file. Then in the inspector you click on “Track Preset” and voila! The S90xs voices are there. The next step is to go to the MIDI track that you want the notation from and move the notation to the VSTi track.

That’s great and all but I still find it hard to believe that I can’t just open one of my old MIDI files and quickly select S90XS voices on the existing tracks. I also find it hard to believe that in order to accomplish this it requires as much guesswork as it does reading manuals.

Steinberg’s manual isn’t quite as brief and scattered as Yamaha’s user documents, but wow! If I’m not mistaken Cubase AI is made for Yamaha hardware users, so why was doing this worse than a tooth extraction? Poor documentation, mainly on Yamaha’s part. It’s like a scavenger hunt. Back in the 90’s I learned Autodesk’s 3D Studio R4 and was able to do it with 2 simple 1200 page volumes of unabridged instruction and tutorials…and I was in the 10th grade! I could flip through real life pages while using my monitor for the actual program rather than as a book. I don’t think anybody wants to click back and forth between the pdf reader and the program they’re trying to learn. Very inefficient. Wag of the finger. has some nice files to download.

You should try it there!

I have just upgraded to Cubase 6, and the S90XS/S70XS are both available in the pre-installed instrument list. Use Devices/Midi Device Manager/Install Device!to select.

Just had a quick look at it (but my keyboard was not connected) and yes you can assign this to a midi track and then select XS preset patches.