Steinberg shop did not work properly

Dunno where to put it exactly. Wanted to buy a competitive crossgrade yesterday, but was not able to do so.

The website was showing the price as €215, thus I assumed that the sale still was running. During the checkout process there was a step to specify my data: name, address, email and there was a button to log in, I could not login. When I tried to proceed without a log in, there was an error saying that the email had been used already.

Perhaps, nothing can be done now, but would be nice if Steinberg devs test their store’s checkout process.

What login did you try, the standard Steinberg ID?

That won’t work, because the shop is managed by Asknet and requires its own registration and account.

Yup, I used my steinberg id. Thanks for explaining. I don’t remember to see any guides regarding that, maybe I missed that.