Steinberg shop won't let me buy them

The Steinberg webshop dumps my cart upon confirming my info to purchase saying:

"An error has occured.

A product has been removed from your cart. This may be because:

  1. The product is not available in your country.

  2. It is an educational product, for the purchase of which you need to be approved by Steinberg."

I live in USA. Do I have to buy them from a US dealer?

Was able to talk to Asknet AG and they said the shop wasn’t properly configured to take the order. Said they’ll fix it on Monday.

Glad I have two weeks left on my demo. Love these plugs!


I’m sorry for the problems with the Online Shop. This should really be only temporary.


Hi Timo-

I tried again and it still doesn’t work for U.S. customers. I talked to Asknet again and this time was told that Steinberg has to fix the webshop to make it possible for U.S. customers to buy.

I hope they can fix this before my demo runs out on Aug 9th.

Serious bummer! Sounds like a good candidate for a freebie - after all, if they will not take your money…