Steinberg should extend the Cubase 12 refund period

I paid $150 for C12 and I can’t use it. It was 15 days ago. I think Steinberg should extend the refund period. I could then wait until 12.5, which is probably going to cost money anyway. I’d feel better about the whole thing. I’ve never paid for software I can’t use. What do others think of a 30 day refund for C12? If you can’t open a C11 song and work on it in C12, on a new computer - shouldn’t this qualify for a refund? Also an official comment about this latest trainwreck would be much appreciated. We are all posting away here trying to fix their software. I usually get $100 an hour for fixing music.


and why doesn’t it work ? supported config ? as some one who spent a lot of time in another life dealing with these problems, user mis-configured OS, hardware was often the problem.

what OS ? hardware ?

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Read the threads. I’ve filed the report. It’s a vanilla PC with RME hardware. The point is that projects open in C11 and will not open in 12. We are talking about a lot of users here. I have used Cubase professionally since Atari. There’s something intrinsically wrong with this build, as time will soon show.


And yet there are so many of us using it without many concerns, Opening older projects etc. So why not give it another go and crowd source some technical support here. We are willing to help, if you are willing to describe your problem in a lot of detail and post screenshots or vids.

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what threads ? not every one has time to read everything or know through magic there are any, especially if they don’t have a problem.

whats a vanilla PC ? that could be endless of configs, especially for RAM and OS.

using VST2’s in project ?

there is one problem I’ve had which is that MIDI tracks don’t take input. reset the track to other inputs , toggle on / off, etc haven’t been able to get them back to life. Create new MIDI track they work. Data in existing tracks works fine. annoying but not a show stopper.

w/o any details no one can help you figure out whats wrong and if its fixable.

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This user is not here looking for your solutions. Why are you pestering him with requests for “information” when he is clearly not interested in what you’re offering? It’s actually not helpful. It’s just clutter.

OP simply wants a refund, but he’s going to have to think about whether or not Steinberg can revert his “Not for Upgrade” Cubase 11 license back to normal - unless they will give him a new Activation Code for Cubase 11 to get around that. Otherwise, good luck upgrading to C12.5.

IMO, Steinberg generally has no issues issuing refunds when the software doesn’t work on your system. I’ve done this in the past with WaveLab 10, which was (and still is) completely unusable on my system (tons of distortion and crackling in the audio output)- but WaveLab 11 works fine (so I repurchased after WL11 release).

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Often the first public release shakes out issues that had not come to light during testing and the beta period, because the software is now being run on a much wider range of systems with vastly differing projects.

You will have to take your refund request up with Steinberg Support. I have no idea whether they can ‘downgrade’ your eLicenser licence back to an upgradeable one.

In your position, I would go back to C11, sit on the C12 licence, and try again after the first maintenance release.

Well i will say most are end user problems… im not going to waste anymore text with someone who just want a handout…

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Have you been refused a refund?

Have you even contacted Steinberg?

And for the record, no train wreck here. Across 3 different machines, with different OS’s and different audio hardware. For a day one release, it’s been solid for me - even with me abusing the Remote API, it’s not taken the application down (yet!).

Contact them, despite the hyperbole presented on here sometimes, they won’t want you paying for a product that doesn’t work for you.


dear inconsiderate, because there may be useful info that resolves a problem for other people even if the original poster isn’t interested in fixing their own problem if thats possible, or at least understanding why there is a problem, instead of just complaining here. they are free to ignore me, so are you w/o pointlessly not doing anything useful either.

its not uncommon for generic no detail complainers to in the end have well under or misconfged setups - not enough ram, super old OS, etc. Just went through this last week on another forum for another app and the short answer turned out to be : you have to upgrade your machine and OS because its not going to run on that. A bunch of old VST’s that aren’t supported may also be the problem as some one here on another thread complained about lack of VST2 support and their projects had missing plugins. Maybe Cu12 has a problem with a particular audio I/O, its driver or MIDI device but we’ll not know…


You are being unkind by talking that way about another user. Everyone has their level of tolerance for crappy releases. Maybe he doesnt have a ton of cash to waste.

When someone buys a product, they shouldnt have to play twister to get it running, or tweak their machine to some “special” config so they can get on with making music.

I have lived through enough Steinberg money grabs that didnt go well as far back as verion 4. It’s the same pattern over and over.

Maybe you shouldnt blame the person, but instead blame the software. Clearly, many are experiencing a crap load of issues, myself included. I dont care, I was pissed a few days ago, but now I am just realizing that I am one user who could have waited before buying the upgrade. I know how often this happens with Steinberg. I just wont use it (cause it’s crap right now), and I wont upgrade Nuendo to 12 . Maybe I will just stop using all steinberg products. Who cares.

This forum is like so many, useless for interacting or discussing issues. Always a bunch of BS if one isnt a cheerleader…


How does he want a handout? He wants a refund. That is not a handout. That’s his money back, and Steinberg can have their software license back.

If the software doesn’t work properly for him, I don’t think that is an unreasonable request.

Can’t even take you people serious.


Capital Letters and Punctuation exist. Use them and the post won’t look like a huge run-on sentence and I’ll read it…

Though, it’s probably just more clutter. Because it has nothing to do with the OP’s request.

  1. Software doesn’t work properly.
  2. Refund Requested.

^- Nothing wrong or unreasonable about that sequence.

I’m not sure how you can interpret that as a request for assistance. The only assistance he wants, it assistance with [potentially] getting his money back.

I’m just going to start ignoring the people who do this. /shrugs/


I asked them. I’m not bothered by rants at me about troubleshooting. I’ve paid for and upgraded Cubase for 20 years. I just can’t get this to work in any useful way. All the projects are maxxed out. I don’t think it’s one thing with this update. I have opened projects and removed every insert, but the fact is that 40 audio tracks just push the performance harder than C11… I have removed the program from my computer. In my opinion - speaking from probably more experience with DAWS than most people here - is that this update is half-baked. You should be able to buy an update and have it run better than before. I don’t know what other people are doing and I don’t want to sound rude but I don’t really care. Martin knows something is up with C12 - I would bet $150 on that. I’m using plug-ins on subscriptions and UAD. On a new-ish AMD. ProTools works; Studio One works; Wavelab 11 - sort of - it’s got a few problems as well. I’m not running ridculous amounts of anything. After I’ve finished mixing this album I will think about what to do. I’m not usually worried about refunds of $150; but I’m starting to think it’s time to move on to another DAW. I will indeed report on the refund.

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Okay MAC or PC… wasting texts i guess… 20 years user of cubase? Okay basics champ… im not a mac user so if its windows event log please… this is definitely a enduser problem… list your specs then we can help if not please lock the thread and move on… yes C12 has some issues nothing thats holding me back… i have not launched C11 since upgrading… i guess i will :yawning_face: and wait…

Also refund hope your not waiting for your voucher… im curious to see your log so we can prove 2 things:

  1. your maybe 18 and got a ton of porn on your dads old PC…
  2. Your crack plugins installed a virus that you have not found and your … okay thats all im going to waste on u for today…
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Thanks for this intelligent and inspiring post. What a mind. In your insightful dissection you didn’t actually touch on the issue I’m unhappy about. I can run projects in C11 which simply stop in C12. This has never happened to me before - an upgrade doesn’t work. I’m running a studio. I pay for my software - it’s a tax deduction. There is something not quite finished about C12 and while that’s not completely surprising, it certainly is that I can’t open current projects in C12. You can’t dismiss what I’m saying simply because you don’t believe it. Or you’d need a bit more of a compelling argument. Steinberg has not yet responded to my polite request - to wait until 12.5. I have described my setup and symptoms elsewhere and filed a bug report. This thread is about the refund period. Stay on track if you can.

Do u want help or just walk around with a can in your hand asking for lose change?

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Yes, there is a huge problem with C12’s ASIO Guard spiking. I never had this problem with C11.
It got better after I turned on the power scheme, but I’m still getting some dropouts here and there.

I’ve already posted my specs on this thread:

As it is, my specs are as optimized for a DAW as it can be, and it’s also at i9 (18) cores, 128G RAM. And I’m still getting dropouts.

There’s seriously something wrong with C12, and I don’t blame those who want a refund. Something that worked perfectly in C11 just suddenly isn’t in C12, and the end-users shouldn’t be made into guinea pig testers. This is terrible.

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Ok. In short - my request for a refund has been bounced around almost everyone at Steinberg. It’s the delay and defer tactic. Not my job, not my department - despite simply following the links they send me, it’s lost in the ether. Hmmmm.

And this is my point exactly Teo. I’m not baying for blood - I would simply prefer alpha over beta when I’m paying for it.