steinberg shy about absolute instruments prices!

new collection released. i’m not really interested in buying but wondered what the price would be. didn’t see it on the main page. so then pressed the buy it now button. still didn’t see it. had to press another button (“special” price for cubase users). so if you want to know, it’s about £200. full price for new users £244 too much hassle just to find a price! put it upfront steinberg. ed

Very good point Eddie.
I cannot find prices at all, i don’t think it is released as yet though as there is not much detail about the download version for the Cubase 6.5/Artist6.5.

Hi there,

it actually depends on your country. You should be able to see the prices right away when checking this link:


thanks for the link. but in my opinion the price should be on the main page. this new link wasn’t provided with the first announcement… ed