Steinberg software question

I have to ask this here, because Steinberg won’t let me join the Wavelab 8 forum until I buy the trial I presume.

So, now I want to buy Wavelab 8. I followed the “Buy Now” path and Wavelab 8 doesn’t give me the option to download the software. It only gives me the box version.

So, my question is, is there some other way to buy the download version? If not, and I select the box version, will the trial software still work? Am I given an activation code while I wait for the box?

Thanks for your reply Steinberg people.

You could buy the download of Wavelab Elements 8, then buy the downloadable upgrade to Wavelab 8.

It works out at the same price. Strange way of achieving your goal, but true!

I think the “full” version of WaveLab is a boxed product because it comes with a USB-eLicenser. Update/upgrade versions are available for download.

I’m not sure why you think the software might not work from the boxed version :confused: .

Thanks GroovinDJ, but there must be an easier way. And doing it with double downloads, besides the hassle, is $548.00 instead of $499.00

I found this link:

However, since the “Buy Now” button from the trial software didn’t send me to this “permanent license” location, I don’t want to do anything until somebody from Steinberg provides me guidance.

Been burnt too many times assuming things software related.

Thanks again for your fix.

Thanks Scab. I already have a USB eLicenser. Why would Steinberg limit the full version to a box? There must be another solution. And if I do buy the box version, can I use my existing USB eLicenser that has my Cubase license on it, or do I have to add another dongle onto my computer? :question:

I wasn’t concerned about the boxed software not working. I was concerned that my trial would stop working while I waited for the box.

Is anybody from Steinberg here that can help me? :open_mouth:

I want to buy your product, but I don’t want a box. :astonished:

Then throw the box in the trash bin after you received it.

Yeah, I figured. I’ll keep the USB dongle as a spare.

You guys go to all that bother to do the eLicenser thing, then force people to buy a box even when they’ve got a trial on the ECC. I do not get it, but there’s no point in further discussion unless there’s some piece of the puzzle I’m not understanding.

Um, this ain’t correct. I downloaded Wavelab 8 Elements with no problem, upgraded from 7. Nobody selling software these days would discourage you from buying via the download. And you have the dongle for Cubase so you are set, you don’t need another dongle. You are missing something. If you have the trial installed, just pay for the license and ‘Share it’ will send you to the download (which you don’t need unless it’s an update) and the serial number that you need to install on your elicenser. You just need an email address, but for that matter, it may even show up on your license window in ‘my steinberg’, which means you can always get your serial number there. Copy and paste, done.

As to being paranoid about buying downloads, get over it in regards to Steinberg. They have it under control.

Thanks for your reply Mr. Roos,

As you can see from the image above, when someone is buying Wavelab 8 full version for the first time, not upgrading, they are not given the option to download.

In a previous post, I posted this link:

However, I was hesitant to go further, because it says “Activation Key” along with activation code. So, I wasn’t sure if it was an up to date USB eLicenser method.

Unfortunately, I’ve had enough hassles with downloading software over the years that has led me to be cautious when it doesn’t appear to be a seamless transition from trial to purchase. This is a strange situation, as most software vendors make it very easy to purchase in the midst of a trial. You hit the “Buy Now” button, it takes you to the download page and off you go. Strange that Steinberg isn’t so seamless in this case. When you click the the trial versions “Buy Now” button, it takes you to the web page that will not allow you to download the software. I thought this would be easy, but nobody from Steinberg has stepped up and told me definitively the way to download. I have contacted support. So, hopefully it will all be cleared up soon.

That is what you want (the link you provided) if you just want to permanently activate your trial.

However, if the boxed version does come with a USB-eLicenser I think I would buy the boxed version.

I just don’t understand how they can charge the same price for an activation code and for the boxed version with USB-eLicenser :confused: .

It’s also interesting that the upgrade from WaveLab Elements 8 is a download only. That makes little sense to me considering the full version requires the USB-eLicenser and Elements does not.

If I were in your shoes, I would go for the boxed version for the same price as the activation code.

Yeah, for the same price I get a backup dongle. So, that’s a better deal, though less convenient.