Steinberg Solvers

Just had an interesting email from Uncle Steiny… seems they’re on the lookout for what seems to amount to increasing their beta testing group…
If this is implemented well this is likely to be a fantastic idea and has SERIOUS potential for greatly enhanced quality control.

Well done Uncle Steiny! :smiley:

this has got to be the best classic Steinberg FAIL of all time…a signup to fix problems and make suggestions, that is buggy and doesnt allow you to choose English to see what the hell the questions are? have you done the online signup? its all in german! talk about a FAIL on the first damn hurdle. You can choose the language on the top right hand side of the screen, but even if you select English its in German!

man they really need help…

No problems here… the link from the email to the questionnaire took me straight to the English version.

what browser you using matjones…im using Vanilla-flavoured Internet Explorer…

english here as well

see my screen capture attachment in the second post!

just tried Firefox and it works properly…but trying to do it in IE is where the language problem is buggy…

I’m using Firefox myself, I was able to switch languages. Once I switched I could not switch again until I deleted cookies for the site and reloaded the link.

It appears this might be something having to do with your configuration of Internet Exploder.

Firefox mate…

After a little more thought… IF this is implemented WELL it can only be advantageous to all of us… but only if they utilise a decent cross section of users from fairly inexperienced through to expert level and not just a bunch of coders, no disrespect to coders intended. Very often in life the problem is how and from where you look at a problem from which a wider selection of participants are likely to achieve.
It would also be more likely to highly bugs/incompatibilities from a hardware perspective with a larger range of systems being included.

German version of the survey here also which is entirely useless to me.

of course its my fault. Just like every plugin that crashed VST Bridge was my fault.

did you try Internet Explorer…you know its the worlds most-used browser. So shall we assume that $teinberg does not support it? i see so many parallels here its embarrasing…

So what is this Steinberg Solvers all about? Anybody has some more info about it? I went through the questionnaire with interest. Got “Thank you…” in the end window. Now what? Do we sign up somewhere?

Just tried it in Internet Explorer version 11. The site came up in English, I was able to change the language one time to a different language. If I deleted cookies I could do it again.

It’s also the world’s worst browser and seems to love avoiding any of the internet standards agreed and used by everyone else…

So even with using google translate to figure out the questions I got through the first page to the second page. The continue on the second page just takes me back over and over to the second page. Do they test these things at all? Using one of the most common browsers in the world, IE 11.

It’s also the world’s worst browser and seems to love avoiding any of the internet standards agreed and used by everyone else…

That isn’t true. Much of the changes from 10 to 11 were to comply with standards.

The only thing changing the language does is change the language on the splash page. I still get a german survey that doesn’t continue on page 2.

I deleted cookies, I switched languages, got sent back to the start page. I was able to complete the survey using IE 11.

By only looking at the questions on the first page, I wonder, WHAT? :confused:

This is just another internet Survey as far as Iican see. Steinberg Solvers?

It’s better than it used to be, but still lags behind the competition.

Anyways, dont want to hijack this thread with a squabble

Whatever you do, don’t go to the second page, unless you want to find out more.

the english version in Chromium is working fine

I have (while being here). Just a Survey.

If Steinberg can fix the VCA feature after we have answered this, it would be good. But I doubt it :wink: