Steinberg StayHome Elements Collection - D/L problem?

I was looking at Steinberg’s “StayHome” Collection, which they are offering free for 60 days. (

I tried to download one part of the Absolute 4 VST collection, and when I clicked on the “Download” button of “Content HALion 6” in the Steinberg Download Assistant, Safari just started opening an endless stream of new tabs.

I’m also not entirely sure what the Absolute Collection entails: what’s in HALion 6 that isn’t in HALion 3?

HALion 6 is basically the full-fat version of HALion Sonic SE 3 (I think historical reasons led to the weird version numbering, but they’re basically the same version). So there’s a lot more sample content, including a couple of nice pianos, plus you can create your own.

Thanks Paul. Any idea why the weird Safari issue?

No idea I’m afraid - I don’t touch Safari.