Steinberg still hasn't fixed this? Unreal

See photo please.

I reported this to Lindsay @ Sternberg help. A confirmed issue over a year ago. Since that time there has been a new version of Halion Sonic and a new version of Cubase. HS 3 and Cubase 9.
When using the programs drop down list on the track header it does NOT show all presets available in Halion Sonic such as Auron,Model C, Trim, Voltage etc.

It only shows the standard Halion Sonic presets plus the Trip SE presets.

This should have been fixed by now.

Why not?

Hi James,

the issue is on our list and we are planning to fix it in a future update. Unfortunately we have to touch every single preset of the libraries that are not showing up in order to fix it.

Thanks for the confirmation Matthias. Good to know it’s on the list…now let’s put a man on it! :wink:

I think that relates to my issue as well for the topic I did not even get a response…

Just an update.

Once again another Halon Sonic 3 ( HALion Sonic 3.1.0. ) update with Steinberg still NOT updating the presets to show in the drop down list in the track header.

What is the point of having this feature in Cubase 9.5 if your VST instruments that you sell don’t work with it?

Here is what is available: ( missing loads of library presets )

Here is what should be available:

Any chance Steinberg will make this right?

From Steinbergs HALion Sonic 3 promo page…as advertised …but not really true now is it?

Slower than ‘Support’ - I’m still waiting for a ticket to be replied to after 5 weeks. :unamused: