Steinberg Studios

I tend to think that SB should have a pro recording studio set up in the UK and the US. As I’ve been searching for a studio that uses Cubase in the Los Angeles area, I’ve found not one. Nearly all of them are using pro tools. As my daughter is beginning to near a stage for recording, she’s at a crossroad, use protools because nearly every studio does. Use logic because so many other small studios use it if they aren’t using pro tools.

Seems musicians would be more inclined to use Cubase if they knew they had a pro studio to go to if they need to.

At the very least, have a list of studios that are using Cubase should musicians need to go there for recording.

Just some thoughts.

  1. Logic, Cubase and StudioOne can export AAF files so getting tracks to any Protools based studio is NOT an issue with those DAWS.

  2. Overall COST is going to be way lower with Logic and Cubase and StudioOne. Protools is a MONEY PIT. I had it here and sold it. You could not pay me to own it again. AVID is a horrible company and extorts its users.
    Take a look at the cost and you will get it.

  3. Are you planning on taking your daughter to some big studio and paying thousands to record? If so and you just want the convenience of ProTools sessions then that is another issue entirely albeit not necessary in the least or if the people she is working with are ALL using Protools.

  4. For being creative, recording yourself, making tracks etc. Many better choices IMO. Logic, Cubase, StudioOne are great DAWS each with their issues

  5. ALL big tracking studios in the US are Protools setups for the most part. LA, Nashville, NewYork.

  6. If she is using Logic and likes it there is no need to get Protools.

  7. Id rather have Steinberg fix the bugs in Cubase than waste it on a studio build which we all know this day and age is a money loser

**It does come down to what you are comfortable with using and cost factor