Steinberg Summer Sale?


No, I wouldn’t but it’s not up to me.
and we have decided not to go that route- i will wait for a sale and buy the regular version

The upgrade sale is on the moment. Enter the code UPGRADE18 into the relevant box when purchasing an upgrade for a 40% discount on an upgrade.

An upgrade means going from Elements or Artist to Pro or from Artist to Pro.

Thank YOU!!! Done! Just bought Artist. I can wait for HALion, unless the upgrade applies from SE to HALion 3 Sonic, which I dont think it does.

Halion was discounted 50% for Valentine’s day in February this year (more exactly Feb 14 - 19, I still have the mail in my mailbox).
The SE version is not valid for upgrades.

You should subscribe to the Steinberg newsletter to your mailbox to not miss offers like this, you can activate that in your MySteinberg account.

thank you , I am subscribed now. But I thought I was before, but was not notified about the upgrade sale. I learned about it here. If Halion goes on sale, would someone please mention it here? Or, is there another way to find out?

So I just updated to Artist and Komplete 11 has disappeared. do I need to reinstall it again? I tried to open the plug in manager but got a dialogue that a serious error has occurred and to close the program. Any ideas?

UPDATE: nm, noob figured out how to refresh plug in mgr.