Steinberg support and Covid-19?


I created a support ticket on the 6 of April, and have since added a couple of extra notes to it, but still no reply. Does anyone know if the Steinberg support system has closed down due to the pandemic?


No, the Steinberg Support system has not been closed, but it might be slower.

So, 20 days and still no reply. Anyone else managing to get a reply from Steinberg support? I’m going to try opening another ticket.

It’s country-specifc. So if you want to know what other people’s experience has been, include your location.

I live in Ireland. Can’t activate my Cubase after OS reinstall. Opened ticket on 10th of April so 16 days ago. Still no replay. Still can’t use my Cubase :frowning:

Have you followed this support KB article for activation or reactivation? Activation or reactivation would be dependent on the Cubase version you have and where it’s license is stored (neither of which was reported in your post).

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I’m in the UK.

Oh, that’s nothing. I contacted them on February 27. I received an automated email 2 days later telling me this:

“Currently, we are experiencing unusually high email support volume; as we process the high email volume, a delay in the expected email response
time may occur. Please know that assisting every customer quickly is a priority. To ensure your support request is handled in the order received, our
process for responding to an email support request is first in, first out.”

I followed up on April 8 and Steinberg has not yet replied. If they’re telling the truth that they’re handling these requests first in, first out, then you’re going to be waiting a long time, because as of today, they’ve not yet gotten to Feb.

These are weird times, though. Perhaps they can be cut some slack? Honestly, I’ve pretty much just given up and have been hoping an update would resolve my issue. Unfortunately, it’s been months of waiting for that, too.

Good luck!

Yes, happy to cut them slack - these are incredibly difficult times and I have no idea what they might be going through trying to keep up. I upgraded to Artist 10.5 and HALion only has a limited number of instruments that will actually load, so it limits my options somewhat, but I can at least still make music.

The USA. Very slow here! Sometimes I don’t hear after 2 months!

Steinberg support typically incredibly slow even without Covid-19. Usually several weeks.

I got it sorted. There was silly mistake from my side that kept me out of cubase for 3 weeks :unamused: Thanks to this forum I got it fixed though. Thanks so much for your attention and willingness to help

I finally heard from them on the night of the 29th. Sent some additional info and they go back to me again today, but fortunately, I finally fixed my problem myself yesterday.