Steinberg support for Cubase?

So, I post a support ticket and after 3 days, posted another more urgent one as I had not received any response (not for the first time)". I had a reply from one. Not answering the request, but merging it with my original and marking the moved post as SOLVED. I’m sorry but this should not count to the support ticket response rate as Steinberg have still COMPLETELY IGNORED ME!! How do they get away with reportedly being the best and keeping a loyal customer base?

Cubase 9.5 Coco Compliance
Jonathan Green
September 24, 2018 11:13
As a blind user of Cubase, I recently swapped over from PC (inaccessible) to Mac High Sierra (some accessibility) as I read that 9.5 was compatible with the coco framework. Unfortunately, I am unable to get any speech output of tool tips even with them being switched on in both Cubase settings and Voiceover. Is there anyway I can do this?

I shall also be in receipt of a Native Instruments S series keyboard which does have speech accessibility for NKS products. Could you please advise which of your products are NKS ready. I have Cubase Pro 9"5’ Absolute 2 and Wavelab 9.5

Also, as an aside, I am unable to install Halton 5 through your product download portal as it downloads and then always states that it is unable to install, please try again later. Any ideas?

I know this is quite a lot but I have been using Cubase since version 5 (before losing my sight) and it seems a shame to have to move away from you to another DAW product as I really like Cubase.

Many thanks

Eugenio Garrido
Today at 15:39
Request #136362 “An Error Occurred While Download…” was closed and merged into this request. Last comment in request #136362:

I keep getting the error message stated in the title of this support ticket when installing on my Mac mini *High Sierra). All other components of Absolute 2 have been installed but Halion 5 downloads completely, then while waiting for it to finish, I get that message. I have tried on numerous occasions but to no avail. I have already sent a request for this 4 days ago but have not yet received a reply. Please help

Jonathan Green
Today at 17:24
Is this a joke?
Could you not have spent the time answering my support ticket?
Please provide either a solution, or at least something telling me it is not possible. I was considering looking at the symphonic orchestra you recently released but am loathe to do so before I know I am able to use the product.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

it has been discussed many times, their support is awful.

As Detch said, this has been a complaint for a long time. Unfortunately Steinberg support is the worst I’ve personally experienced in my career so far (I’ve seen quite a few people say that Presonus/Studio One is equally as bad support-wise, ironically).

Usually there’s someone here on this forum that can help you out so keep posting. Rumor has it customer support is due to be upgraded from awful to partly awful. So there’s hope. Just hope.

Steinberg: great products, horrible support. It’s just the way it is sadly.

Seems a shame though as the products are great. It looks though that I’ll have to bite the bullet, move to Logic Pro and learn a new DAW. At least I know it will work with voiceover. That along with my new KK S series keyboard with it’s own accessibility should solve my issue.

At least NI have thought about us visually impaired buy it dows seem a shame that Steinberg won’t make their products NKS ready

Most business support is a forum these days. The idea being instead of one person looking at your problem you have lots of people doing the same.
Small comfort i know as we’ve spent a lot of money on Steinberg stuff.

Not half. Cubase 8"5 prom Absolute 2’ Wavelab 9"5… All pretty much useless with accessibility.

They have said that Cubase is Coco compliant which is one of the reasons I swapped from PC (Not compatible with ANY screen reader)". All that did was make things worse until I got the Komplete Kontrol S Series keyboard which has helped a lot with playing, but not editing. Looks like I might try and sell the dongle once I have fully moved over and learned the new DAW

Steinberg support is the worst. They generally (in my experience) eventually reply back weeks later and almost always respond with, and I quote ‘‘We are sorry for the delay, we are facing an unusual amount of requests.’’ Which is apparently almost all year around. It’s as if they have one person dealing with ALL tech support requests. Awful.

This forum in general is more helpful. Only problem is that if the forums can’t help or don’t respond [ eg the Groove Agent Forum is a ghost land with endless posts without reply], all you’ve got left is waiting weeks for a response from Steinberg themselves.

Steinberg, for the most part, great products but amongst the worst once they’ve pocketed your cash.

If you are in a country that has telephone support (I am in europe) this has worked better for me than posting tickets that are never answered (I agree the response is very poor). In my case I received a call back in 48 hours after initial contact advising me to to download a remote desktop app. The problem was fixed in front of my eyes, though gratifyingly it took over half an hour.


The ticket was closed and merged because, as Jonathan himself acknowledged, he wrote two different emails asking the same question.


And there it is - proof of poor support :slight_smile: