Steinberg Support Is A Disgrace

I’ve been without Cubase for a few days now and losing out on valuable and very important recording time every day.

I have been a user of Cubase for years, I think the software is good but my experience over the past few days is really p*****g me off now. :frowning:

Cubase was working fine until I had to reinstall Windows, since then I have logged into my Steinberg account and there is no option to download the installation of my Cubase.

It is asking me foe an elicenser code which I don’t have because when I reinstalled Windows evey programme was unistalled. The soft elicencer comes with the installation of Cubase - which I can’t access

I’m going round in an endless circle when I need progress.

I’ve contacted Cubase through “mysupport” 2 times and received no response.

It’s too long a waiting time, I seriously need this to be resolved quickly for commitments. :cry:

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Try calling them, posting request for support are slow and I know that they have a big pile of request they have to do first.
My support ticket is 2/3 weeks down and not answered yet.

Have you looked in mySTeinberg and on the download section or the archived FTP section?

Ooh and did you know that the license server has been down for 2 days? It’s up again !

hi, yes… I undersrtand there were some problems which can happen, fair enough…

but 2/3 weeks - is useless. lots of companies have “live chat” for example… - that is good service :bulb:

I tried phoning today, just before closing time for phone support… only answer machine.

I’ve tried looking through FAQ but my problem isn’t getting solved.

Basically I’m told 2 things:

1 - download elicenser and enter activation code - I did this and elicenser told me I don’t have a usb elicenser (I know I don’t, I want soft elicenser like before) contact … for support (useless)

2 - I managed to get a new code now after Windows re-installation but I have no option to download the installer in “myproducts” page where I read this should be the place to download…

if you look at the image below, where to download the installer?

Instructions below say install the software first, then open elicenser how do I install the software? :question:

Yeah I know of how this handeld, you have to contact support and will receive new activation codes, have you taken a look at the re-activation tab?

See this (attached picture), have you tried this?
2016-02-19 16_42_15-www.steinberg.net_ My Products.png

Thanks… I’ve tried, but if I first download elicenser, I’m unable to get a code from it.

Then some places are saying first download the cubase installer, which will also install elicenser…

Totally confused, irritated and going round in circles :cry:

Yes first do an install, then you have soft elicenser, then try to register it and reactivate

but how to install the Cubase installer?

I’m told it should be in “downloads” in “myproducts”, - there is no “downloads” there

I feel your pain kyot0 :frowning:

I thought I’d lost my disc recently and was searching for a download for a few days, with no luck. I eventually found my disc but went round in circles trying to get the upgrade I purchased to work … with no more luck than finding the original download I was looking for.

This forum is the only support you’ll get I’m afraid.

The first thing you need to install is the elicenser software:

Then you will have an elicenser number and will be able to reactivate inside my steinberg area. I think the link for Cubase will available when you reactivate it.

thanks, it’s a nightmare, already lost days of valuable recording time :angry: :cry:

thanks but as you will see from my previous posts, I tried to install elicenser first and it doesn’t give me a number :question: :question: :unamused: from what I’ve read tells me download the software first which also contains the soft elicenser :confused:

If you haven’t got Cubase installed, eLicenser cannot create a number for it.

I’ve just reinstalled mine again this morning (as I’m having hard drive issues) but have already forgotten the sequence you need to follow.

Be carefull not to confuse the elicenser and soft elicenser versions, the first needs a usb steinberg dongle the other is a software version which is for the low level entry versions like AI, LE and Elements.

I’ll keep advising you to try to call them as all email request are delayed and will take weeks before they get their hands to it. MY request from 3 weeks ago isn’t answered yet…

Problem solved after contacting phone support - much better than “mysupport” - what is the point in having a system that requires you to wait 3 weeks for a response? Especially when the customer isn’t warned that it might take a couple of weeks before they get their answer, honestly, as a customer that is just enraging and frustrating.

If it is expected to be that long at least respect the customer enough to notify, even by an automatic response - “Dear customer, please be aware that support may take some weeks to reply, thank you for your extreme patience”.

Anyways, support by phone worked much better - decent customer service hope it’s not too expensive.

Anyways the problem was that sometimes elicenser when installed doesn’t show the system’s location. If this happens you need to download an elicenser helper. Then it will work. :bulb:

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Ha great!

I totally agree. Wonder how you can pay hundreds of dollars for a premium product and don’t get any support in case of issues.

+1! I also the owner of Ableton 11. And their support is much, much better! They always reply me. And faster… (

Ive had one support issue open with steinberg for closing in on 2 years now, and Ive received incredibly unhelpful updates to that email chain, including being bounced back and forth between Steinberg Yamaha and Steinberg DE 3 times, about once per 6 months. Its the worst vendor experience Ive ever had, and Ive requested to escalate the matter to management or ANYBODY within the org who values 1) having customers, 2) providing customer support, but I’m unsure if there is anyone. Its just an open issue, and I dont see any progress being made, so I consider myself NOT in good standing with Steinberg at this point.

Good luck receiving support.

@tritonus Why are you resurrecting years-old topics without actually sharing what your difficulties are? It’s very likely that the forum will help you sort out the issue if support is too slow.

I rarely defend the company explicitly, but here in this resurrected five year old topic, I will.

Steinberg have stepped up their customer support game in many ways over the past couple of years, and though I’m obviously biased, I give them credit for that. I’ll also stipulate also that they have further to go.

Steinberg is the company that invented the VST standard, which made it possible to do live audio recording on a computer, and who continues to evolve it, providing a free SDK. They have significantly advanced the state of notation software, after Pro Tools owner Avid laid off the most customer-responsive team in the business. These are ongoing activities.

There are other improvements in the offing as well.

There are more posts from people when they’re pissed off than when things are going smoothly, I presume this is a well-known effect due to selection bias

@milkman76, you have no standing, good or bad, with Steinberg support. They just don’t think about you. :wink: