Steinberg Support Loop / Profile in My Steinberg

Hi, just tried to “create support request” and it takes me to a list of distributors. Going to the USA one, tells me how to make a support request, but there are no options to fill, just a loop that takes me back to the same initial pages.

My Cubase 4 (now 7.5 license) dongle is split along the seams and need to get a new one.

If you need a new dongle you have to buy one. There’s nothing support can do for you if I understand you correctly.

Just tried and because my license was bought in New Zealand it is directing me on their online store to the local distributor. In Australia. Problem is my residence is now Washington DC/USA.

No option in My Steinberg to change my profile from NZ to USA either.

You should be able to buy one locally I would expect, or at least order one from a music shop or website.

Cookies kept the problem happening, a different browser and not logging into My Steinberg and I was able to purchase without being defaulted to a different country.