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How would you rate the technical support you have received from Steinberg for their products?.

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  • Good
  • Average
  • Below Average
  • Poop
  • Have never tried to use it

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How would you rate the technical support you have received from Steinberg for their products?.

Don’t know, never used them.
And most likely never will.

I’ve only contacted them once when some of my licenses disappeared. They resolved the issue pretty quickly.

Most of the other problems I’ve had were the result of my own user error.

Never needed to contact them, unlikely to either. Whenever I’ve had problems they’ve been solved here.

Not just Steinberg products either, any complicated piece of software is usually best supported by users…tech support will only have a vague idea of anything more than the basics.

I think i contacted them once back in 2010/11 about 2.35pm Friday the 13th not being able to log on to the new forum . Still can’t log in , they ring me everyday just to make sure i can’t log in which i think is really good support

Not really sure what this poll is expected to reveal since it is asking the question globally and by all reports Steinberg support (or the local vendor support) varies a bunch based on location. The few times I’ve used support in the US the response has been quick, accurate and professional. But if you’ve read these forums for even a little while you’ve seen accounts of horrible support in different geographic locations. There does not seem to be a single “Steinberg support” but rather many different “supports” that are location dependent.

Maybe the OP has a justified gripe with support but this seems more like a “Loaded” poll question to me.

Was surprised by how much depth they were willing to go with me trouble shooting some recurring crashes I was having, so much that so I was the one who was sort of unprepared to troubleshoot - they were willing to look at all sorts of system debugging tools and crash reports, system reports, etc. They had significant knowledge of what hardware could be causing problems, etc. This was by email, I’ve also received extensive personal support from devs/support by PM on the forums.

I think one has to realize that - what they put in is what they get out. This is professional software, so you have to be somewhat of a professional in contacting support - ie, have done your own troubleshooting, process of elimination, narrowed down the problem, figured out how to duplicate the problem and or recorded its re-occurrence over a measured time (a day, a week, etc) and you’ve typed out a legible and thorough explanation of your problem and findings. That’s being a professional - not expecting support to hold your hand. I’m guessing, the support teams for software get a lot of “why won’t my computer turn on?” / support: “It’s not plugged in”.

I have had one good experience with support regarding Note Expression causing crashes that was worked by me and a moderator and led to a fix in the very next update. So they do care… sometimes.

The few times I contacted them the response was timely and accurate.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I found it discouraging that their before-sales service was slow and not well informed. That didn’t bode well; yet…I took the plunge. +1 for posts above mentioning user forums being more useful.

Steinberg support is so weak, it takes months to respond… even when it comes to crash dumps or bugs that are reported and not attended to to date, and I’m talking about the official German support. In some countries (like mine which is not Germany) the technical support does not even understand what the “crashdump” is.

I see this survey well, because the truth is that for such an expensive software, there should be a more efficient and not so lacking technical support. It is ridiculous that for their bugs and crashdumps generated, they send us to talk to the support of “our country” support of our countries are not developers and if there is a bug they will not be able to solve anything from the DAW. I’m talking merely about the bugs and the crashdumps, since in other circumstances, non-developer forum administrators /moderators (or the users themselves) are very helpful in solving “user” problems…

Thats my opinion… and I support this thread because I believe Steinberg must be more effective in to this.

This bug still unsolved for example:

To me it looks like yamaha is responsible for the unknowledgeable cubase support staff, since yamaha acquired steinberg that’s when support went from average too unacceptable

I contacted Support years ago and the response was swift and the solution took several days as the tech had to discuss the issue with his colleagues.
The fix was efficient and the bug never came back. Do not know how things are today so +1 for the Steinberg Tech Team of yesteryear.

I’ve contacted support twice.

The first time, they replied 6 weeks later and answered a completely different question to the one I asked.

The second, I didn’t get a reply.

I’ve been using Cubase for around 8 years now, and I swear for that entire time they’ve been experiencing ‘unusually high demand’.

The guy I deal with is plain disinterested. IF he get’s back to me, he pretty much says “I was unable to reproduce the bug.” Hope that helps, Bye"
And this forum is very inconsistent. We have one guy who tells everybody to start in safe mode. Or who reports bugs that still aren’t fixed years later. So it’s basically buy the program, if it’s busted when you take it out of the box, tough titties. :smiley:
That’s why I voted Poop.

That was in 2004?


I got a link to this forum, where it was conduced that it did not work any more. Fantastic solution!

Luckily for me any issue I have had has been assisted by the stalwarts on the the forums with an especial shout-out to Martin Jirsak.

Unfortunately, I have to be really desperate to go to Support. The last two occasions I received no reply despite repeating the email.