Steinberg Support Ticket instructions are gone?

I am trying to get PadShop Pro reinstalled on my PC after a reinstall of Win7 OS. I have the code I have paid for, but as I put the code into the eLicenser I am told the code can only be used ONCE. Say what?

This seems a bit strange considering I paid something for the code and the software.

But stranger still, is that the option to create a Support Ticket is not what it used to be. In one section of the instructions for creating a ticket, the old 'My Steinberg is displayed as an example - but this no longer exists, things have changed. So what does exist is a new ‘My Steinberg’ page and a series of gray bars/tabs that have an arrow on the right hand side of them. Implying you could click on one of them and enter some information? Not possible. Is this a temporary snafu or does this page not work at this point?

All I want to do is install PadShop Pro, a product I have paid for and have a code for. However I cannot contact Steinberg about this issue. Can somebody direct me to a solution PLEASE? Thanks.

Simply follow the re-activation guide, by clicking on the product, then clicking “software reactivation” - dead simple

This seems a bit strange considering I paid something for the code and the software.

I don´t think there is anything strange about the layout of a website being changed…

The page works exactly as you describe. If it does not for you, you should check your browser, or browser settings…

All you need to do is install it. You already used the code to get the license on your USB-key, right? Well, that’s still a valid license, no need to work the code again, just install the software.

Well, thanks for the info.

However, the eLicenser has no info on the PadShop Pro after the reinstall of Win7. Further, as I click on the ‘Maintenance’ button of eLicenser, it starts a search process and finishes without the PadShop Pro as one of my licenses. So the eLicenser is not supporting the PadShop Pro license. Ha, if you doubt this, reinstall your OS and you will understand.

In the meantime, I am thinking that there is something odd about the eLicenser and PadShop Pro, that this is a funky deal all around.

So, again, I downloaded PadShop Pro and installed it. When it asked for an activation code I put the code in that I had purchased and saved. Then the installer told me ‘you can only use this code once, you must contact the software maker’ and the program removed itself form my DAW. Poof!

Is Padshop Pro using a soft eLicenser or a USB eLicenser?
If USB eLicenser: Update eLCC software to the latest.
If e eLicenser read the sticky

Yeah thanks, I did this to no avail. there is no record of the PadShop Pro in my eLicenser info. It’s weird. I did find the support ticket page however. Unfortunately it is broken (see my other post).

Mmh that’s weird. I wasn’t doubting your experience, but on my e-Licenser, Padshop Pro does show, as it does on the MySteinberg listing for registered software.

Woah, I do not show it currently on my licensed products!! Only Cubase 6.5 and WLE8. Hm. I did have it on my elicenser, but, ya know, I can’t recall if it was listed within the products on My Steinberg software page. …Hm. But it must have been there, right, if you see yours then mine must be there also… Where did it go?

But it looks like the support ticket thing is sorted so I will try this again…