Steinberg support turnaround time

Does anyone know roughly how long Steinberg usually take to process support requests? I raised one over a week ago now and apart from an automated acknowledgement, I’ve had no contact from them.

Hi Fox,

It can vary to be quite honest. Probably hinging on the amount of SR they receive that particular week.

I would say on average 2 x days to 1 x week. I think the most I ever waited was 10 x days (just once).

When you get a reply, just reply to the email (if you need to) via the email itself (ie. don’t submit a fresh RS). Then hopefully you will keep getting same assistant for each dialogue.

Hope that helps mate.


Always within 48 hrs here in the USA; many times 24 hrs. Where do you guys live?

I’m in England and it looks like monsterjazzlicks is too, so I think our support comes from Germany.

In the end it took them just over a week to get back to me but they said there had been a few important trade shows on during that time so I expect they’d all have been busy with those.