Steinberg Support - Waste of Space

So I put in a request ticket for support 17 days ago and still no contact from support I have come to the conclusion that support does not really care…


Can we help you here?

Hi Martin

To be honest you are the only contact I have had with steinberg and had completed my first request here on the forums.

On advice from you i set about getting the free upgrade from le 1 to cubase10. I put in a request ticket in my support and it is now 19 days and no reply or anything now I can understand support being busy but not for three weeks.

So you can see bemusement for a company that does not reply to help through support. God help all those that have spent hundreds of pounds or dollars on software and cant get support through the proper channels.

Regard Liam


I’m sorry for your troubles. I hope they will get back to you soon.