Steinberg support

The support must be really, really busy. It took them over a month to let me know that there is no other means of transferring licenses than moving from one dongle to another.

Somehow I would expect to get a much quicker answer to such a simple question.

Since all that info can be found on the steinberg site, and on the forums, I personally would expect the tech support to prioritize real technical problems. But as said, that’ s me personally.

Well, my question was whether it is possible to transfer a license to another user with help from Steinberg support. I stated in my query that I am aware of the possibility to transfer a license using the license application.

How long does it take to answer such a simple question - maybe a minute. So, none of the Tier 1 customer support persons had a minute to formulate an answer a bit quicker - not a very inspiring and trust awakening customer experience by any means.