Steinberg Support?

Hi there, are Steinberg currently supporting their customers? I’ve added two tickets which are unanswered going back 23 days.

I have a problem where I cannot locate my software licence to re-install my copy of Wavelab Elements 10.



Whoa, 23 days seems like they are never going to answer. I’ve been waiting only for 2 days now and have no big hurry but I also noticed the URL they send to your email - the one that is supposed to be used to add comments to your support request etc. - is not leading anywhere, it just lands on the Steinberg main page. The same happens if you log in to MySteinberg and go to My Support -> My Requests, you just end up in the main page of their web site. Didn’t see anything in news and announcements about technical issues in support, though.

So, let’s hope they get their act together soon. :slight_smile:

I have the same issue, at least it’s not just me then! :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing exactly the same thing… Where has the customer support gone?

At the moment I’m having troubles with activating my new license key for Cubase 10.5.
I know what I did do wrong (picked the wrong crossgrade) and want to change it so I can use the latest version.
But still no answer…

April 29th - Crossgrade ordered
May 27th - 1st support request ticket
June 5th - Reminder
June 15th - Reminder
July 1st - Reminder + send a mail to info[a]
July 1st - 2nd support request ticket
July 15th - Received ‘You can still save big on Cubase 10.5’ newsletter on email and immediately RE: for help
July 15th - Autorespond with message to look on the support site
July 16th - responding to this topic

I really hope someone at Steinberg takes us seriously soon.
Because the newsletter made me a bit angry. It’s just a damn tease! Haha.
I hope to give Cubase 10.5 a spin pretty soon…

Keep hanging in there!

I also have two unanswered tickets from months ago, trying to upgrade to Halion 6.
I just gave up and did not purchase Halion 6.