Steinberg Support

Does anyone have any idea how long approx it might take to hear back from Steinberg having posted a support request…I realise this is going to be a busy time for them!


The last couple of times I’ve sent them a request its been answered later that day (depending on what time of day you submit) or the day after. But as you point out, its a busy time! What’s the issue?



Thanks for your response Walter.

I’m having a couple of issues

  1. Halion Sonic SE is not available in my instrument panel.
    Presets for it are in mediabay but if I open one of these it opens with no instrument.

  2. Every time I use tempo detection a time signature of 1/1 is inserted at song start & resetting it seems to mess up the lock to the tempo map.

Also prob not important but when I post my support request, my registered software is not available to select so I have to post as a general enquiry!