Steinberg Synths EULA

Hi guys,
just wanted to know what’s the EULA for synths like Retrologue, Padshop, etc… I mean, can be them used freely for commercial purposes or are there limitations? How about using in sound design?



As i know they are free to use, in an interview the steinberg pr dude says as long you put your creativty to it no problem, means if you for example sing to it or make something else no problem.

Greetz bassbase

Ok… and what about exposed lines?

Thank you for your reply however!

I think if i got the pr guy right if you put your own creativity to it no problem.

Don’t think your going to build a song only with exposed lines of cubaseown sounds.
And all the presets are just made to give you a view what those synths can do and how to realise them
Best is to create your own presets so the sound you make has your personal note.
Only if your named DJ Preset i would only use those presets :wink:
And all those guys who designed the presets gave the using rights to steinberg, and steinberg gave those rights to the users.
For example on some Sample CD you will find a sentence like only for your personal use at home. So with those samples ur allowed to do what you want but your not allowed to make an official product out of them and sell.
And its like always if there is no claimant there won’t be a judge.

Greetz Bassbase