Steinberg technical Support - opening a ticket, getting a response

I paid for an upgrade from Cubase 11 elements to Cubase 12 Artist over 3 weeks ago. I successfully downloaded the latest Steinberg Download assistant and latest version of the soft e-licenser. My download code is accepted BUT when I attempt to transfer the subsequent automatically generated code for the soft e-licenser, I get the message “there is no licence to upgrade” . I have read hours of support material on the Steinberg site without any solution. I have also opened a ticket requesting technical support 3 weeks ago which the Steinberg site says “will normally be answered in a few working days” . To date I have had no response. Now I am getting automatic messages by e-mail telling me that my licence must be activated in the next few days or it will expire. Will I get a response to my request for technical support ? Can anyone please help me . Thanks

Please take a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center with the serial numbers hidden, and which upgrade you purchased according to your receipt/purchase confirmation email.

I will do, thanks

The upgrade on my receipt/purchase confirmation is from Cubase 11 Elements to Cubase 12 Artist purchased on 17 September.

The My Steinberg - products page shows “verification pending”

Looks like you purchased the wrong upgrade. Since your Cubase Elements 11 license is “grace period eligible”, you technically have Cubase Elements 12: How to verify eligibility for free Grace Period update

Please contact Steinberg Shop Support for a refund. They respond very quickly.

After putting in the download code into the download manager, it automatically generates the code for the e-licenser - BUT this is what I get when I press activate the license “No licence to upgrade” even though both the Cubase 11 (elements) and the Cubase 12 (artist) upgrade are registered on “My products”

Cubase 12 is not using th eLicenser anymore, have you tried starting the Activation Manager to see if the license Show up there?

Why ? The upgrade is the right one :

Also the grace period has now ended long ago, it was from November 10th 2021 to Cubase 12 release date on March 2nd 2022, it has started marking this (Grace Period Eligible) next to the product for those who redeemed a C11 license within the grace period (they would then be eligible for an automatic free upgrade to C12 when it gets released), but for some reason this text will also appear on C11 licenses that has been redeemed before the grace period when upgrading to C12 (this is the case in this topic).
I believe Steinberg has simply renamed the C11 licenses to include Grace Period Eligible back in this time, but haven’t reverted it, although as long as the upgrade to C12 is pending, the naming of the C11 license will get updated to include it. That is just a naming stuff related to the process of migrating to the new licensing system. Anyway, the Grace Period thing shouldn’t be of any concern by now. Once C12 has been activated, the C11 in eLicenser will show “Updraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Licensing” anyway.

If your license is marked as Grace Period Eligible, you’re grace period eligible. The grace period doesn’t “end”. Any Cubase 11 or earlier license activated after November 9, 2021 will be upgraded to Cubase 12.

If you look at his screenshots, you can even see that he was using the trial version of Cubase Elements 11 shortly before Cubase 12 was released.

Again, please follow these instructions:

Pick the “Steinberg Licensing” option. You need to run the Steinberg Activation Manager.

I thank you for your assistance, I thought I would give you an update as your advice has been welcome and partially helpful.

I have followed the Steinberg Instructions that you have sent me , I have spend literally days trying to activate the “simple” licencing procedure

My old computer which I originally downloaded the Cubase 11 Elements is now running the Cubase 12 Artist software BUT when I log in it tells me that Cubase Artist 12 upgrade *from Cubase Elements 11 will expire on 17 October , I have the download code and the download assistant accepts it (the download code is specifically for the upgrade from Cubase Elements 11 to Cubase Artist 12 , This is very clearly stated on my invoice). However, When I put the download code into the soft e_licencer it continues to tell me “there is no licence to upgrade”

The activation manager continues to show that the upgrade has been “activated” BUT the “verification pending” notice remains. My Steinberg account shows the upgrade as being paid for . I have tried every suggestion and after a month, I am very familiar with the apparently simple process BUT nothing that I do I have requested assistance from Steinberg 25 days ago using their ticket system. To date no reply. Any suggestions ?

Again, you purchased an invalid upgrade for your license.

It says right there that your license is grace period eligible. You should perform the grace period check using the Steinberg Activation Manager to get your free Cubase Elements 12 license, and then upgrade that to Cubase Artist 12!

Contact Steinberg Shop Support, request a refund, then purchase the correct upgrade. If you bought your upgrade during a sale, mention it in your ticket.

Once again, I thank you for you persistence and your reply. I followed your previous suggestion and was able (through the activation manager ) to upgrade the “grace period” and that allowed me to use Cubase Artist 12 but just for a few days until that “Grace period” ended - To be absolutely clear - I will send you a copy of my invoice confirmation from Steinberg which confirms very clearly that I have actually purchased and upgrade from Cubase Elements 11 to Cubase Artist 12 (I upgraded because the Cubase Artist Version has the vari-audio function which I need) . The problem appears when I input my download code for Cubase 12 Artist (from my invoice) into the download manager - The download code is accepted and it gives me a further code for the Soft e-licencer - when I input this code, the e-licenser gives me the “there is no license to upgrade” . I have tried EVERYTHING including opening a “support” ticket 28 days ago (still no answer from Steinberg) . The software is superb, the technical support and the licencing procedure is extremely frustrating for what should be a very straightforward procedure. I will also send you a screen shot of my current e-licenser screen which may shed some further light. Finally, I very much appreciate your attempts to help me . Thank you.

To follow :

a) A copy of my actual invoice from Steinberg confirming upgrade from Cubase Elements 11 to Cubase Artist 12

b) A screenshot of my current e-licenser screen with

c) A screenshot of my e-licenser screen after I have inserted the code from the download assistant.

I’ve deleted your post as that’s too many codes to edit out. Don’t worry, the moderators and Steinberg staff can still see it.

It looks like you’ve successfully claimed your Cubase Elements 12 grace period update. You should see your new license in the Steinberg Activation Manager (please post a screenshot).

Like I pointed out earlier, your update from Cubase Elements 11 to Cubase Artist 12 is NOT going to work. Like you can see in the Steinberg Activation Manager, you actually have Cubase Elements 12!

So you need to ask for a refund, and then purchase the Cubase Elements 12 to Cubase Artist 12 upgrade instead.

Once again , I thank you for your patience and advice, I realised that putting in a number of screenshots was risky but I do not (yet) know how to block out certain elements of the screen printed page. However, in my desperation, it was the only way that I could think of to explain and show you the issue that I have been facing for the past month. I am very surprised and disappointed that an update from Cubase 11 Elements to Cubase 12 Artist is so very long winded, complicated and frustrating. I love the Cubase software and the forum is a real help. The ticket “support” system is clearly a serious weakness as I still have not yet received a word from the technical team. I am very grateful for your help. I will ,as you suggest, ask for a refund - and subsequently try to upgrade from Cubase 12 Elements to Cubase 12 Artist - although I have to admit that this seems crazy as my invoice clearly states that the upgrade purchased a month ago **is from Cubase 11 Elements to Cubase 12 Artist. ,During the past month I have spent an incredible amount of time trying to resolve this issue. To follow: a screenshot of my Activation Manager which does indeed show that that the Cubase 12 Elements is activated and functioning. As I am a businessman in my own right , I will take the time to write an old fashioned paper letter to the Chief Executive of Stenberg as I think it is important that he/she recognizes and understands the weaknesses in the business. Finally, I imagine that you too are a musician/producer ? If you are, I would be interested to hear some of your material. Regards Mike