Steinberg testing systems and hardware that are flawless

I think it would be beneficial to many users if there was a ‘complete’ listing of the system specs and settings used that are known to work flawlessly by Steinberg.

Even better if the driver updates were listed as well.

I have now a flawless system myself, but if I have to rebuild, I would love to know what the Steinberg techs are actually using.

Doesn’t Protools list viable computers for best performance?

This just seems like a no-brainer.

Maybe also include a list of other software known to interfere with Cubase.

With the amount of new computer components coming to market dayly, it would be an nearly impossible task.

Yes, and it’s possible a single newly installed driver or update could break such a config.

But wait, the basic system(s) that Steinberg does their testing on, does and should have some type of standard that they work with. 3 years from now, you should still be able to find the exact same hardware. And once a system is built, it could likely work for 5+ years without updates.

The point of my thread is to know what they are using. It only make sense for them to let us know what they are testing with. I would surely purchase the same as they find to be the best.

Sorry, but it should be something that is offered. As I have said, I have no issues with my build now. But I have, and others still do in the UR series hardware thread. There are obviously issues with certain mobo’s and hardware.

I only wish to see the list of what was actually used to test and a recommendation for user wishing to build a PC based on what has been directly tested by Steinberg.

peakae and SteveInChicago make valid points. I fully understand the complications presented.

But in a sense, all the more reason to have a list of “qualified” systems.

As a Mac user seriously exploring the addition of a Windows machine for Cubase, a list of recommended setups would be helpful. Just saying’.

Fabio started a thread quite sometime ago requesting for hardware specs. Hopefully we can all add on to the list…

Thanks for this!

I approach it from the other end and get my PCs built by folks who specialize in building audio workstations. They take care to ensure that their PCs and components work well with all the commonly used software.

That’s definitely the best way to go. Everything else is just gambling, basically.
But if you want recommendations for hardware and configuration, Steinberg has them.

and here:

The recommendations from steinberg are so generic they are useless, particularly motherboard recommendations which amount to “ask your soundcard supplier”.

Yes we know drivers etc can change but Steinberg should release configurations (without warrantee) they know to be solid.