Steinberg, Transfer Pending

Hello, i have a problem with my Cubase, please help me.
I bought Cubase and used it for about a month, after which it stopped working. The elicenser shows me this message (check attached file). What is happened?

There is no attached file for us to look at.

Regards :sunglasses:

Did you use Zero Down Time or the Resale Wizard?

That usually happens when you transfer the license from a dongle to another and the process fails for any reason.
Please try maintenance in the eLC and check for the relevant option under the Actions menu - if both fails, please contact support ASAP.

Thank you very much for your answer! I live in Russia and i can’t find the contacts of support. Where is it?

That would be Yamaha Russia, you find the contact here:

However, for this specific case they’ll need to relay the info to Germany on your behalf, so you might as well write directly to info at steinberg dot de

i wrote my question to customerservice at, support_ru at and info at but nobody answer me.