Steinberg trying to escape its responsibilities.

If you wish to familiarise yourself with my situation with Steinberg please read my post below.
I wish to add that my latest email from Steinberg’s customer support is an attempt to escape its responsibilities to me as a customer. I purchased from Thomann (on Thomann’s advice) cubase elements 8 and a generic usb/midi cable in order to achieve what I have set out below.
Now the position of Steinberg, after numerous failed attempts, is that as I have a generic usb/mid cable they do not provide support for this. No suggestion or offer of help subsequent to this statement!

Now I ask you is this some kind of joke? What is their idea of helping people?

How difficult would it be to get an update if that is what is required?

I cannot believe that I have been treated in this way.

Hello there,

I have recently purchased Cubase Elements 8 and a MacBook Pro in order to save patches from my Alesis SR-18 drum/bass machine. Otherwise I would have to delete them which would be a great pity seeing that they took so much time and effort.
However, when I send Midi out from the SR-18, there is no response from the new project I have selected in Cubase.
I have no experience in this type of software and getting support from Steinberg has been unsuccessful so far.
So I am hoping that someone can make some helpful suggestions on this forum in order to get me started.
It has been a number of weeks since I posted this and I regret to say that Steinberg has not been in contact!
So I went back to Thomann (who I purchased this software from) and they have helped me make some progress but, alas, not reach my goal.
I am beginning to think that Steinberg needs to update cubase 8 in order that this software recognises the SR-18 as a midi device. There is a list of devices (2 of which are alesis) for midi but, unfortunately, not the SR-18. This cannot be complicated for their programmers.
Thanks for reading!