Where in UK I would be able to study at university level within Steinberg products?
Everywhere (colleges, Universities) seen to be using Ableton, Logic, Pro Tools nowadays.

At the Steinberg website there are links to Steinberg Tranning Center, but none of those place seen to use Cubase/Nuendo on their studio environment. I checked it.

I would like to study in a Cubase/Nuendo environment. Of course to use other DAWs would be interesting but Cubase is my main DAW and I wouldn’t like to change it.
(I may going through DAW addiction at the moment. Hope u understand what I mean. It been so many years now o.O).

I’ve been looking to study BA(Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering at SAE institute Oxford or dBs Music Bristol but they are not on Cubase/Nuendo.


To cut a long story short…

Where in UK I would study under Cubase/Nuendo nails?

Thank you.

P.S: I am in UK and interested to find out how to become a certified Steinberg Trainer.

I know of a guy that is a free-lance producer and he teaches every now and again on a university in Scotland, Glasgow if I remember correctly. He uses Cubase.

I would rather prefer somewhere down south.
London, Oxford, Bristol…
Thanks anyway

Below is a link from Steinberg’s site:


I’m looking at university level. Seem like just York does it.

Thank you