Steinberg Updates App

A Steinberg App, please, that examines all your installed products and tells you which can be updated now - i.e.which have free (included/ongoing) updates (which perhaps the user missed at the time), and which products CAN be updated for (new/offer?) cost to user. And of course an option to ‘Update Selected’.

I’m a casual user / hobbyist so please let me know if I’ve missed something here. Many other System/Instrument/Plugin marketers have such a facility - and it should be simple - rather than manually checking every installed version against current version in Download Assistant.

Maybe it would be included as part of Download Assistant?

many thanks

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+1. Been asking for this…

For me and everyone, I know who wants this. Even the dog wants this.


+1 It would be a good time saver and you would be right up to date with just a few clicks .


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