Steinberg Upgrade Policy

This might be a question that will not welcome answers as it might cause some speculation on when the next version of Dorico will be released.

However, I work a small music publisher. The owner recently told me how impressed he was with the music quality coming from Dorico, and is debating owning it himself so that he can have copies of everything I have done, so that there is never confusion about where files are, having access to files, etc. Plus, he might write and engrave a few of his arrangements on his own (instead of going through me). He told me he is setting up a new “studio” of sorts and will buy Dorico. I told him that the next version (Dorico 4) will be out sometime soon. Daniel’s post sounded like May would not be the month, and made it sound like it would be a little later than that. Perhaps I am reading into things, but that made me think that maybe around August or September?

If he decided to buy Dorico 3.5 now, what will be the cutoff to get Dorico 4 for free? Has it been a 60 day window in the past? 30 days? I never worried with this stuff, but now it seems that I should know this. I told him it would be best to wait. However, with the not knowing of when the software will be released it is a difficult decision to encourage him to buy now to wait until Dorico is released. If I felt we were in the window (say if it was 90 days), then I would encourage him to get 3.5 now.

Does anybody remember what the length of window is usually?


We’re expecting some other new and exciting thing before Dorico 4 is released. I wouldn’t assume we’re in some upgrade window for new Dorico 3.5 purchasers yet, given the new and exciting thing hasn’t appeared yet.


Don’t know about the window, but I would speculate that we are far from Dorico 4.0 and we could be happy if it is still in 2021. They said they want to announce something new and exciting (utility software?) before Dorico 4.0 and that something hasn’t been anounced yet

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I would tell him to buy Dorico right now and begin learning the software. The learning process is not easy, as I’m sure most know. Yes, he might have to spend the $100 to upgrade to Dorico 4. If he is a publisher, there is that little principle known as “the cost of doing business”.


Thanks for the replies! I have stewed over this a lot. I will have a talk about having him buy it now.

Next question would be, USB e-licenser or the soft e-licenser? Especially with talk of the e-licenser going away.


I’m expecting Dorico 4 for Christmas — same as Leo, we’re waiting for that exciting thing. And Daniel expressed clearly that we’re not next to the update. I think the usual timing between updates has been 14 weeks, and we clearly are in a different thing here (over 50 weeks now?)


'Twould be great it the “exciting thing” is an Expression Map Utility that makes things much easier. Even better would be auto-mapping with some libraries like Studio One has done with VSL. THAT would be a game-changer.

Of course my engraving friends might prefer something completely different.

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I’m calling a foul on myself for posting off topic.

The standard grace period for a free update is 30 days. What I can say with certainty is that we are not currently in the grace period for the next major version of Dorico (i.e. it will not be released in the next 30 days).


Thank you for the information Daniel. I will take that under advisement.


Don’t forget Dorico Elements and Dorico SE. Good for learning and starting projects. They will also open Dorico Pro projects . They just can’t edit the pro-only aspects.

Not to mention the trial version.

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