Steinberg UR-22 MK2 with Audacity 2.1.2

Well i finally managed to purchase and install Steiberg UR-22 MK2 and run it with Audacity 2.1.0 version on my PC which carries Windows 10 PRO as OS. The problem i have noticed are the following:

  1. If i leave the speakers connect to my PC and listen while recording the guitar, i can hear a short delay between the notes coming out of the speaker and not from the headphones. the headphones sound is okay. Simple and with no reverb added.

  2. After i record and starting playback i can hear some static like cracking sound coming out of the pc speakers if i max the volume. I have no speakers connected as monitors to the Steinberg UR-22 MK2 interface. Is this normal? My pc speakers are cheap they did not cost more than 10 dollars. Could this be the problem? Should i get something more profesional. It happens when recording both my Yamaha electroacoustic guitar and my Gibson ES335.

Any clues?