Steinberg UR 242 Routing Feature


I’m loocking for exact feature:

  1. Apply hardware dsp (compressor and eq) for the hardware mic input. (It’s possible as i understand)
  2. Apply hardware dps for the separate windows channel (for example only for a SKYPE out). eq, compressor, reverb and then route result to the standard windows out mix (my headphones).

So i’m looking for a zero-latency dsp effects for my microphone and separate for a skype applicaiton (skype out) and then rount skype out to the standard windows mix channel. Wihout any DAW, only using Steinberg dspMixFx.

Can Steinberg UR 242 do this?

Thank you for reply!

Did you find a solution? I have a UR242, and I want the onboard DSP to EQ all audio coming from my Mac.