Steinberg UR-44 and Audacity, only input 1 and 2


my setup is as simple as possible: PC with WIN10, running Audacity V2.4.2, connected UR-44.

I want to use input 1/2 for 2 microphones, input 3/4 for guitar with external sound effects and input 5/6 for a keyboard.

While getting a sum of all audio signals on the headphone output of UR-44 (using dspMixFx
V2.2.0) I can only record input 1/2 on Audacity.

Is there any Setup Utility routing the sum signals to the digital outputs? Or any trick?

Thanks for help!


I don’t think Audacity can do that, but Cubase AI can, a license for it is included with the UR44.