Steinberg - UR MorphingChannel - Always OnTop ?

I need to have a few channel strips open and in view all the time.

Currently not possible, as the GUIs can’t be set to Always On Top.
Not quite the “perfect integration”, I was hoping for …

Will AOT be added ???


That you refer to integration, I’m assuming you mean with Cubase. A few channels strips I assume you mean certain input channels - this is done by selecting those channels (tracks) and setting their respective zone (left/right) in the mixer.
If my assumptions are wrong then it is not clear to what “GUIs” you’re referring.
The DSPMIXFX GUI, if this is what you mean, is not functional with Cubase as the DAW

OK, I try to be more clear …

Yes, integration with Cubase is one of the major UR selling points.
Sadly the UIs are not really integrated with Cubase.
No “Always On Top”.

I’m talking about the Reverb and Morphing-Channel-Strip GUIs.
Those that show up, when clicking on the respective “e” in the “hardware” part
of an input channel.

I need to have them in view for fast access.
Not possible to move them to my other screens without AOT.
Also opening one of them without AOT, always pushes the Project window out of it’s maximized state.
( A very old issue, also happening with a number of other Cubase windows ! )

Hope that helps …


Ahhh, now it’s clear, didn’t see the forest because there were a bunch of trees in the way. :slight_smile:
I never run the project window maximized, just extended to the screen limits top, left and right leaving a generous free space at the bottom. The mixer Is on a 2nd monitor (luckily I have no drawing issues as some report -“delays in mixer aufbau” so switching it on and off via F3 is not a problem) so I’ve not experienced the issues you’re having, but yes they do occasionally get relegated to the back.

Regardless, ‘Always on Top’ is a no-brainer and should be available for any given window, so I support your gripe.

Helge has stated that a more efficient window management is one of the goals for Cubase 7 (probably in the second half of the Dev. Cycle, so here’s hoping).

Hope that Helga doesn’t feel offended !

As for the UR FX control GUIs … guess that’s up to the Yamaha devs.
And it would be great to have the Always On Top in C6.5, too.

Is anyone from Steinberg reading in ??


Oops, typo - naturally Helge not Helga - have edited. :blush:

Just found out, that those windows do not comply to any Windows OS rules.
Probably some strange Cross-Platform environment …

Even third party tools can not switch those windows On Top.

Steinberg ??



Hmmm … looks like no one uses these interfaces for daily work …

How can anyone work, without having fast/constant access to the UIs ?

Is this handled differently on Macs ?
( The UR control software is obviously done on a Mac )