Steinberg UR12 with strange 1khz background noise.

Hey Folks,

I Bought mine UR12 in last week, in a trip do NY City.

When arrived at Brazil, tested the UR12 on tidal and all seemed so fine with great sound quality and improvement from my previous Focusrite Solo.

When i switched to Guitar Rig 5 as i open the software it begins with a 1khz loud noise. Tried to turn on and off 48v phantom power, direct monitor, turn off audio equipment near, unplug guitar cable.

Strange is when i set the UR12 to 24/192khz it’s step down the noise about 2db. But remains loud enough so i can’t record guitar.

Same happens with a DAW like Cubase or Nuendo when try to record.

The firmware of the UR12 is the last (1.01), the USB Driver is 1.9.9, the last.

Tried to install the one that came with the CD and same happens.

I’m about to try to use the power of the 5V mini usb external power, but i don’t know if that will solve the problem.

If someone could help me i’ll be apreciated.

Have you got monitors plugged in? One of the small UR interfaces had a design flaw where hum was produced if you only had headphones plugged in.