Steinberg UR122mkII – No Audio

An out-of-state friend recently purchased a Steinberg UR122mkII Interface and I’ve been trying to help troubleshoot a no audio situation. Not an easy task long distance via the Internet.

Once Cubase AI was downloaded and installed, firmware and new drivers were downloaded from the Steinberg website. Her computer (PC) recognizes the new audio device. Her studio setup > Audio System page shows “Yamaha Steinberg USB Audio”. Still no audio.

She understands the front panel controls of the Interface and her playback system is hooked up correctly. (Line out of Interface > external amp > speakers) An audio file was imported into Cubase, plays back with all meters indicating output. Still no audio.

Thank you in advance for any thoughts on troubleshooting this issue.

Did you add your audio interface in the Control Room? (Studio - Audio Connections - Control Room tab)

The Control Room feature is not available in Cubase AI.

Are the actual outputs assigned correctly? A screenshot would be helpful here. I understand that might be difficult in your situation. Which leads me to ask … why are you posting for her, instead of her posting for herself?

Does other audio play correctly from the device, outside of Cubase? Just trying to figure out if it’s an OS setting or Cubase related.

On posting for her, that’s a good question not easily answered. She was looking for a new simple Interface with free software. Someone suggested the UR122mkII on a Cubase FB page. Being familiar with CB Artist and the basic CB program architecture, I volunteered to get her started. Hoping to follow thru as we’ve already covered a lot of ground. No offense, but she might have a hard time joining the forums at this point.

Below are two screen shots from her. STUDIO SETUP in CB and her OS “Manage sound devices”. I would think the “Speakers/Headphones” circled should be Steinberg UR22mkII and not Realtek. Not sure if she tried changing this or not. Also not sure (yet) if she has audio outside of Cubase.

3 With circle

Okay. It looks like the proper driver is selected in Cubase, at least. What is showing for the output in “Studio” → “Audio Connections…”?

Yeah, not sure on that one. I would think one would want to confirm that the outputs are working on a “system” level.

I’m going with “don’t ask, don’t tell” on that subject, then! :wink:

I hear ya about checking outputs on a system level. Was planning on walking her thru that again.

Below is an older screen shot of her audio connections. You’ll note that she originally had ASIO4ALL v2 selected at the time which wasn’t correct. She has since switched to the Steinberg driver. She’s out of town right now. I’ll contact her and ask her to check audio connections again.

“Don’t ask, don’t tell”. I agree.