Steinberg UR22 hum/buzz sound ONLY fix

Hello! recently I’ve borrowed a microphone from my dad to use, it’s a Blue baby bottle and I’m using a Steinberg UR22 audio interface, I’m not sure what exactly caused this but it started producing ONLY a humming sound and not picking up anything else, however it does produce a noise when I tap on the cable. I’m worried because I don’t know much about audio stuff and none of the things belongs to me.
Please help!

Your microphone needs 48v phantom power to work. The switch is on the back right hand side of the UR22.
That should get it up and running.

That didn’t do anything, it just made the hum quieter

How much signal gain is going into your DAW. I assume you have an audio track loaded and armed for recording. You should see the meter moving in the channel fader if all is working properly.