Steinberg UR22 MK2 problem when plugged into USB-C (should I go for URR22C?)

I recently bought a Dell XPS 15 9510 because my previous laptop (an old HP Pavillon) was dying, but that old laptop worked perfectly with my UR22 MK2 soundcard. Now this new computer only has USB-3 ports, and, when I plug my sound card in and I play music, it randomly makes weird bitcrushing sounds and alters the audio. I need to play live music through this setup so you can imagine how inconvenient it is. Is it because the MK2 is absolutely incompatible with USB-C ports? Should I go for the URR22C in that case?
Thanks for reading

Not sure about the mk2 but I have a ur22c and it works perfectly through the usb3 port. I thought USB ports were compatible backwards as I can read usb 2 flash drives from the usb3 port?

Maybe it’s not about the usb type and it’s more about the mk2 being a too old model for the computer / Windows 11? Idk, but anyways thank you!

It’s definitely not because of the USB type, and I don’t know much about the mk2 but it’s not so old that it should not work, it’s even still supported (not obsoleted) by Steinberg.

A common issue with new laptops is that they are delivered to you with a pile of useless “bloatware”. These fancy features run in the background and sometimes have short peaks on your CPU resources that will cause audio glitches…

First go in the startup tab of task manager and disable everything that is not essential to your work and reboot.

And make sure of course you loaded the latest USB driver from Steinberg (v1.9.9).

omg thank you so much it simply was the driver, it’s working perfectly now!!!