Steinberg UR22 MKII, drivers and midi ...

Hello everyone,

Today when I woke up, my UR22MKII no longer wanted to play nice with Logic, it has the following symptom: When setting up an external midi instrument (to sequence external gear), the UR22MKII is no longer listed as a device.

It works fine for audio uses though.

I have tried reinstalling the drivers and deleting the midi device in the midi settings in OS X. I have also tried to erase cache and preference and other fine things, rebooted several times and so forth – The usual troubleshooting.

I have no idea what caused this issue, I have not changed a single setting and it worked fine yesterday. But somehow, the device just stopped communicating with Logic. It does communicate with some other software though.

However, it does work if I run it without any drivers. The audio is superb as well, so I’m doing that right now as a solution. But I’m a person that believes in staying updated, so I rather solve this issue than do this, even though it doesn’t seem to have any downsides at the moment.

Any ideas? A final note: It does pop up in the midi environment as well, but it just won’t transmit midi however I try.

I dont know logic very well, but this sounds perhaps like a preference within Logic rather than the Mac… does it have any device management preferences, or is it all down to System Prefs?

It’s all down to system preferences basically. And it has worked flawlessly before.

Really a shame, but it seems to be working without drivers still.