Steinberg UR22 mkII Problems?

Has this happened to anyone else, or am I just really unlucky?

Two times this interface has just up and died on me. I haven’t really done anything out of the ordinary or reckless with them (phantom power always off, keep them out of the heat, etc.), but both times it happened the same way. I’ll plug it in and the USB power light won’t come on, the computer will keep making a chime over and over again (like it’s recognized the interface), and the amp will just make this rhythmic thud endlessly.

I’ve checked drivers and firmware, that’s all up to date, too. It doesn’t seem like these things fail often either, going by the reviews, so what’s the problem? I’m really at a loss here.

UPDATE: I just un/reinstalled the drivers and also checked with another computer that’s never interacted with it (same test I did with the last one when it failed), and still no power. Also like the last time, it just makes a “USB unplugged” sound every 2~3 seconds when plugged in, on both computers.

I mean maybe I’m just on the small statistical sliver that gets the same failure twice (I assume the power side of the circuit is the weakest link in the chain?), but that seems so unlikely when no one has had this problem.

How old is your UR, do you still have guarantee?
Our URs don’t have a record for being unstable or breaking often. I have one of the UR22mkIIs at my desk as well and it’s running very well all the time. Only thing, hot plugging it into my iMac kills the keyboard and mouse driver and I have to reboot. Other than that no issue.
And we also have a dedicated forum for UR hardware: